Dots Jukebox: “Autumn” 20th September 2013


Artist Song Suggested by
Pet Shop Boys My October Symphony @guildtom
Amy Winehouse October Song @neilmartay
Yo La Tengo Autumn Sweater @sparkes74 @theboywilliams @sberrells @cavedweller71
The Manic Street Preachers Autumnsong @zanylala @redlikejungle @ginnerphil @vaguemclarity
Big Star September Gurls @andrewlabmonkey @nigele47
Weezer Undone – The Sweater Song @grantsales
Maximo Park I Want You To Leave @danthompson78
Billy Talent Fallen Leaves @eskimoracing
The Fall I Can Hear the Grass Grow @flogging_murphy
The White Stripes Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground @grantsales @gilbertgubbins @thisiscranebags
Sonic Youth Wildflower Soul @dubhead77
The Housemartins I Smell Winter @thelastpenmon
Malcolm Middleton Autumn @flintsghost
Andrew Morgan Turn Your Collar to the Cold @myrtleleaf
Nick Drake Time of No Reply @richard0x4a
Cousteau The Last Good Day of the Year @laloulabelle
Field Mice An Earlier Autumn @rich_w27
Racoon Liverpool Rain @eva_mulder
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi ft. Norah Jones Season’s Trees @_fruit_loop
Joanna Newsom Autumn @cuyahoga68 @substandardnerd
Nat King Cole Autumn Leaves @gilbertgubbins @danthompson78
Neil Young Harvest Moon @theboywilliams @andrewlabmonkey
Justin Hayward Forever Autumn @jcrowther9 @icplistening @n1ckbab3r
Donovan Mellow Yellow @sammartinsmith
Van Morrison Moondance @skylarkingmatt @thisiscranebags
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band Autumn’s Child @ackleite @robertleith
The Zombies Time of the Season @eva_mulder
The Kinks Autumn Almanac @guildtom @zanylala @tomkentsen @skylarkingmatt @instantkarma80
The Mamas and The Papas California Dreamin’ @woodmanstone @kitchandbot
Fairport Convention Who Knows Where the Time Goes @_fruit_loop

Dotty View: Dead City Lights – Come Alive EP

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, this is a trio of musicians who are releasing their music with the hope of connecting with their followers and providing them with a positive message. That’s not a bad philosophy to start off with!


Their self-released debut EP “Come Alive” is indicative of their style, and has catapulted them into the limelight. You just have to see that they’re already coming up to 100,000 followers on twitter to realise that. I know – quality, not quantity, but that’s no mean feat for a band who are yet to release a full album.

I’ve never heard anyone over here mention them at all! Because of this, I was itching to hear why, so I gave their EP a listen… I had no idea what to expect, so what you’re about to read is what I wrote down as soon as I heard each song, which I did with no preconceptions whatsoever.

Kiss and Tell

This song starts well, then the vocals kick in, and the kind of voice Erfort has isn’t one I’m keen on. I’m thinking McFly crossed with Green Day. Tuneful, with romantic lyrics, but at the same time trying to be shouty & angry. For me, it doesn’t really fuse too well.

Come Alive

I think this song is trying to be anthemic. It’s certainly got life in it, and the “woah-oh-oh’s” are well placed, but to be honest we’ve heard it all before.



Same again – I’m not saying one trick pony, not at all, just that they have a definite preferred style which throughout this EP they’ve not really deviated from too much. I hope they can show they can be slightly more varied in their future, otherwise they run the risk of people getting a bit bored. On a more positive note, the vocals are much better on this song.

A Ghost Without a Name

This has 30 Seconds to Mars written all over it. It should be released as a single, and pronto – I reckon it will do well. Really well.

Get Me Home

I like the fast drums in this song. There’s a better rhythm in general, and the whole song works better than the earlier songs on the EP. It has a sweet ending, too – I’m a fan of waves.

You know what? It may seem like I’m dissing this band, but as always I admire people who find their style, go with it and get out there with it. Quite honestly, this is a great band for teenage girls who are wanting to break away from the generic “pop” music out there. Sorry for the generalisation, but that’s honestly who I think they’ll appeal to most with their style. There’s nothing wrong with that. If it gets kids listening to rock music who wouldn’t ordinarily have done so, then that’s great in my opinion!

They’re enthusiastic, and they are what they are. They just aren’t for me. Maybe they’re for you! Give them a go!





Dots Jukebox: “Superstitions” Friday 13th September 2013


Artist Song Suggested by
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Supernaturally @flash_harry_
Wild Nothing Your Rabbit Feet @geniusmover
Ween Voodoo Lady @danthompson78
Monster Magnet Look To Your Orb For The Warning @grantsales
Hot Chip Bad Luck @_fruit_loop
Fleur And Cutline Broken Mirror @purpleink1310
The Cult The Witch @jaytennant_
The Clash Ghost Town @turvenator
The Kills Superstition @cavedweller71
Spin Doctors Stepped On A Crack @_fruit_loop
Jeff Beck I Ain’t Superstitious @skylarkingmatt @peatster68 @sparky_hornsby
Catatonia I Am The Mob @rachjaynesmith
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds God Is In The House @richard0x4a
Lew Lewis Reformer Lucky 7 @robertleith
The Moldy Peaches Lucky Charms @_fruit_loop
Lightning Seeds Lucky You @woodmanstone
MisterWives Coffins @tracyperry_
Midlake Some Of Them Were Superstitious @contra_flow @sparkes74
Colin Blunstone I Don’t Believe In Miracles @eva_mulder
Joan Armatrading I’m Lucky @isslater @icplistening @tonylazarus
Elvis Presley Good Luck Charm @guildtom
Rose Royce Car Wash @neilmartay
Lene Lovich Lucky Number @realpaulmurray
John Lennon Luck Of The Irish @_fruit_loop
Little Fish Luck’s Run Out @substandardnerd
Devo Whip It @zanylala
Gentle Giant Black Cat @peterminihane
The Mountain Goats Magpie @_fruit_loop
Stevie Wonder Superstition @lsherrington1 @trish_savine @dizzy6968kerr @katienana09
Nina Simone I Put A Spell On You @sparklingcy

Dots Jukebox: “Water” 6 Sep 13


Artist Song Suggested by
Public Image Limited Blue Water @sparky_hornsby
PJ Harvey Down By The Water @sparkes74 @thisiscranebags
Alice In Chains Dam That River @clbutler76
Pearl Jam Even Flow @philjago88
Deep Purple Smoke On The Water @eva_mulder
Led Zeppelin The Ocean @rorsdm
The Standells Dirty Water @contra_flow
The Kinks Waterloo Sunset @flash_harry @clairhorne
The Beatles Rain @geniusmover @speedofsounduk
Lemon Jelly Nice Weather For Ducks @jcrowther9
The Decemberists Down To The Water @andrewlabmonkey
The Waterboys This Is The Sea @trish_savine
The Levellers The Riverflow @sprungatom
TLC Waterfalls @cuyahoga68
Otis Redding You Left The Water Running @skylarkingmatt @kelli3_j
Bruce Springsteen The River @oneillpaudie @guildtom
Blind Melon No Rain @buttersstotch11
The Residents Japanese Watercolour @robertleith
The Cure The Same Deep Water As You @cavedweller71
James Waterfall @katienana09
Richard Ashcroft Buy It In Bottles @mjh_79
Delgados Everything Goes Around The Water @bomaya
Newton Faulkner Teardrop @etch32
Rain Tree Crow Blackwater @peterminihane
Mark Lanegan Bleeding Muddy Water @grantsales
Morcheeba The Sea @stiggy_78
Nick Drake Riverman @rich_w27 @p_burnett @infolib_robin
Bert Jansch Black Waterside @guylongworth
Feist The Water @_fruit_loop
The Stone Roses Waterfall @ccbriggers @purpleink1310