Album Review by @SteveRodz :Ebbot Lundberg and the Indigo Children – For the Ages to Come @WebbotEbbot

Ebbot Lundberg and the Indigo Children – For the Ages to Come

Words: Steve Rodriguez

Release Date: Friday 2nd December 16

Track listing:

  1. For the Ages to Come
  2. Backdrop People
  3. Beneath the Winding Waterway
  4. In Subliminal Clouds
  5. Drowning in a Wishing Well
  6. Don’t Blow Your Mind
  7. I See Forever
  8. Calling from Heaven
  9. Little Big Thing
  10. To Be continued

The former The Soundtrack of Our Lives (TSOOL) and Union Carbide frontman teams up with The Indigo Children and serves us up some 60s psych-pop / rock with a small dose of 70s prog. This is an album that takes you on a musical journey full of jangling guitars and lilting melodies, wakes you up half way, and then slowly calms you down again with the most perfect vocals and expertly crafted songs.

Ebbot Lundberg has been away a little while but this is now proof that he hasn’t disappeared and is still doing what he does best.

The 60s psychedelia comes to the fore instantly on the album’s opening and title track. For the Ages to Come is a Syd Barrett Pink Floydesque offering (Arnold Layne and See Emily Play immediately spring to mind here) and shows just how versatile Lundberg’s vocals can be. In fact, there is probably no coincidence that “Arnold Layne” has been a regular on his live set over the past couple of years and by all accounts has had a very raucous make-over, and just as raucous a reception.

Backdrop People and Beneath the Winding Waterway are next up and both are a familiar sound as more 60s psych and vocal harmony combine to great effect leading you into the calm and melodic In Subliminal Clouds – chock full of instrumental interludes where a new sound seems to join the party each time.

Drowning in a Wishing Well blends acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies and is nowhere near as dark as the title would suggest. In fact, quite the opposite thanks to the brass and upbeat drums on the chorus giving it a positive and meaningful stride onwards into the albums main body.

The tracks on For the Ages to Come are arguably only subtly, but adequately different, until now when Don’t Blow Your Mind shatters the calmness with a huge guitar driven 70s style rock riff and vocal and almost prog-rock soloing. This is the stand out track here and will satisfy those of you that like your music to have a more raucous nature.

I See Forever is a more experimental affair and almost haunting with its synth undertone and repeating of the song title lyrics, and it is every bit as encapsulating and moving as those before.

The musical journey then continues its calmness once more to its more recognisable state on Calling from Heaven and Little Big Thing where the 60s psych pop and vocal harmonies are here again in abundance.

Closing track To Be Continued begins with a plugged in, but not over-powering guitar melody that more accessible 60s influenced pop / indie artists Lee Mavers and James Skelly would have been proud of; and Ebbot’s vocals blend in seamlessly over the top catching your ear instantly. It rises to a crescendo of bass, guitar, piano and an almost marching drum beat.

For the Ages to Come is an album that creates an expansive and complex sound with perfectly matching vocals and production and makes you really want to listen. Fans of TSOOL would have undoubtedly been disappointed when they called it a day, but if this is the soundtrack of Ebbot Lundberg for the foreseeable future then I would guess it is a more than adequate trade-off.

Upcoming shows:

01/12 (DE) Bielefeld Forum

02/12 (DE) Hamburg, Molotow/Skybar – TICKETS HERE 

03/12 (NL) Nijmegen, Marleyn, Doornrossje – TICKETS HERE

04/12 (UK) London, Upstairs at the Garage – TICKETS HERE


Song Review by @RussellBarker12 : Úyanga Bold – Machiavelli @uyangaboldmusic

Úyanga Bold – Machiavelli

Words by Russell Barker

Machiavelli is a veritable swirling melting pot of many influences, sounds and rhythms. It’s the latest song from the multi-talented Mongolian performer Úyanga Bold. Not only does she sing on this, she wrote it and plays guitar, synth and the Turkish Cümbüş on it. That’s before we’ve even mentioned the co-producing and co-engineering credits.

It has the glacial presence of Curve, with Úyanga’s voice alternating between sassy and cutesy. Machiavelli is brimming with eighties influences, infused with her native Mongolian sounds.

The music is a different take on the old quiet, loud, quiet, by dropping in and out before gradually building back up to the explosive chorus. The chorus itself is reminiscent of the sensual style of Lady Gaga. Whether this could crossover into the mainstream remains to be seen, it is certainly catchy enough, but is also rather leftfield. Its pop music, but not as we know it. Something to make you groove, but also to make you think.

Gig Review: @WilkoJohnson at @CambridgeCornEx , 14th October 2016


There’s very little I can say about a Wilko Johnson gig that hasn’t already been said in the majority of reviews. We all know he’s returned from the brink, against all the odds, and is still going strong. We all know what an incredible musician and songwriter he is, both with Dr Feelgood and as a solo artist. We all know that his loyal band members Norman Watt-Roy and Dylan Howe have been chosen because they are faultless, have impressive stage presence and are exciting to listen to. I don’t really need to tell you any of that though, do I.


Sometimes, though, even knowing all of the details like those above can’t prepare you for attending a gig which culminates in everything being resolved in your mind, where you feel perfectly relaxed to be yourself and like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

First off, he selected a wonderful support act in the shape of Aaron Keylock, a young Blues Prog Rock guitarist and singer with his trusty bassist and drummer by his side.


I was blown away by this guy – he is seriously worth checking out. Here’s his new single “Against the Grain”:


Wilko with his wild duck walk, wild eyes and even wilder guitar playing, Norman’s bass solos that make you shiver both inside and out and Howe’s bombastic, full-bodied beat tightly melded together to form a musical force that got people rising from their seats to move every muscle, pore and follicle. A good old boogie-woogie to classic blues and rock n’ roll, and all is right with the world.


Video by Alien Outback on YouTube:

Until next time, “Bye Bye…”!


Album Review: Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – “When the Kill Code Fails” @itsadequate #MusicIsEverything

When I got an email that kicked off by saying “new Prog Rock and Electronica Artificial Intelligence themed album”, my initial reaction was something along the lines of “What on Earth is this?!”, before deciding I absolutely HAD to hear it! I listen to every song sent to me, but this was something that really intrigued me!

Malcolm Galloway photo by Emre Basala

“I Still Remember You” was the first song I’d ever heard by Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate. What immediately struck me is how confident this band are in their delivery. Mixing ambient, prog rock, trance, classical and electronica is no mean feat, but here all of those genres are connected by a barely audible thread. It’s as if nature intended it to be this way all along.

I am all at once fascinated and compelled to hear more, so my ears journeyed on to the band’s upcoming album, “When the Kill Code Fails”, available now digitally, with a physical release planned for 2016.

From the catchy yet thought provoking title track; traversing through the perfectly sublime trio of “Broken Wave”, “Layers” and “Connections”; manoevering carefully around the sharp bend that is “Head in a Jar” and crashing headlong into “Link”, the first half of this album has me travelling along a road I never want to end.

Continuing into the remainder of the album, the next song, “Going Down”, is something I almost feel like I’ve heard before; it’s got that kind of nostalgic rock feel. The lyrics portray a frustrated soul who can’t get out of a vicious circle within life. I think we can all identify with that at certain points of our own lives.

When The Kill Code Fails cover

Occasionally, this album conjours up an image of what would be produced if Bright Eyes and Jean Michel Jarre got together in a studio, injected with some Jethro Tull (now wouldn’t that be something!) and punctuated by grunge style guitar playing. Not an unpleasant thought at all!

Proceeding via the afore-mentioned “I Still Remember You”; navigating the hopeful and beautiful message of “My Clockwork Heart”, complete with bluesy guitar; roving around with “Freerunning” – a very groovy instrumental with hints of Metal – for company; taking an emotional wander with the sounds of my favourite track from the album “Solace” coursing through my mind – I’m not ashamed to admit that I welled up when listening to this.

Coming onto the final part of the wonderful exploration that is “When the Kill Code Fails”, I feel myself going into orbit whilst listening to the electronica masterpiece that is “Glass Lithium”. Finally, I reach my destination – “Alive” (again, I dig those Blues guitars).

“When the Kill Code Fails” covers so much musical ground, and I’m seriously impressed. If I had anything critical to say at all, it would be minor things such as… I’d like to hear stronger vocals and heavier drums in places. However, I’m being REALLY picky by saying those things, and it’s very much down to my personal taste, so can’t be construed as a failure in any way, shape or form.


It may sound trite, but I genuinely feel as if I have arrived somewhere new. As it says in the last song on the album… “I want more”!

If you feel the same, check out Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate on their official website and reverbnation, and contact them via twitter and facebook. You can buy the digital album on cdbaby and amazon. Go on, take that trip. You won’t regret it.

Festival announcement: Extonbury, 18th July 2015

Extonbury logoThe 9th Extonbury Rock & Folk Festival will take place on Saturday 18 July in the paddock at the rear of the Fox & Hounds Public House, Exton.

This is a truly family friendly charity festival with craft stalls featuring hand made jewellery, soaps, oriental goods, African artworks, portraits, paper goods, aloe vera products and handbags. Food and drink will include a fantastic barbecue, picnics and superb beers and wines from Rochelle, new owner of the refurbished Fox & Hounds.

All this and music too! This year we have ten great bands, all giving up their time & talents for free in aid of our causes. Here’s the line-up:

1.00 pm: HEISENBERG – New Rutland / Lincs band playing a great mix of rock & roll, southern boogie, blues & a bit of pop.

Heisenberg2.00 pm: THE LOUNGE ACOUSTIC – An acoustic set from Dan & Paul of legendary local rock band The Lounge.

3.00 pm: CROOKED SMILE – Leicester based 5 piece welding guitar, mandolin & fiddle to tight bass & drums. Americana meets folk via rock!

Crooked Smile4.00 pm: OUT OF THE BLUE – Hard rocking acoustic band with fabulous harmonies.

Out of the Blue5.00 pm: TRES HOMBRES – Dynamic Exton / Leicester power trio with powerful blues & rock performance.

6.00 pm: THE EXTONES – Exton’s own band with the best in festival rock from Woodstock to Glastonbury.

The Extones7.00 pm: TRIGGER’S BROOM – Massively experienced blues / rock trio likely to play anything from Cream to Hendrix to Ten Years After

8.00 pm: THE REASON – Powerful & edgy 5 piece blending classic indie, rock & pop tunes from U2, Coldplay, Clapton, Queen and many more.

9.00 pm: LAUGHTON’S LAST STAND – Good time rock & roll from the sixties hit maker himself!

10.00 pm (HEADLINE ACT): INFERNO – Dance out the night with the best funk / soul outfit in the East Midlands!

InfernoThroughout the day there will be a raffle for some great prizes, and an auction for a racing catamaran experience on Rutland Water. All net proceeds will go to local causes. In the past, Extonbury proceeds have gone to the Rutland Air Ambulance, The Circulation Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Prostate Cancer UK. This year, proceeds will be donated to causes within the village of Exton including the Pensioners’ Christmas Fund, Playground Action Group and village hall redevelopment.

Tickets are just £8 in advance or £10 on the gate with children 12 and under free. Gates open at 12.00 noon. For more information visit or call the hotline on 07710 459655.

Dots Jukebox: Bite me! 21 March 2014

bite me

Song of the Week:

Artist Song Suggested by
Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny Sweet Tooth Bird @sparkes74
Lorde White Teeth Teens @now_playing_72
Hüsker Dü The Tooth Fairy & the Princess @rickjleach
OutKast So Fresh, So Clean @littledutchy80
Queen Another One Bites the Dust @clairhorne
Mötley Crüe Punched in the Teeth by Love @musicvstheworld
Metallica Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) @stamfordcowboy
Motörhead Bite the Bullet @robertleith
Therapy? Teethgrinder @weloveallthat @peterminihane @lsherrington1 @annatheforager @arihat_ @dalglish_28 @big_g_aroo @drfilth
The Birthday Party Release the Bats @flintsghost
The Dentists Creature Out of Control @moodymitchy
Green Day Pulling Teeth @sparkypatrick @daveorv41
Renegade Soundwave Biting My Nails @pswood3
Boomtown Rats Never Bite the Hand @cavedweller71
McCarthy Get a Knife Between Your Teeth @infolib_robin @johnfidler
The Upsetters Dollar in the Teeth @contra_flow @tonylazarus @theboywilliams mention for @ianfurgie
Steely Dan Your Gold Teeth @skylarkingmatt @westburtonlad
Little Shop of Horrors Dentist Song @wottaplava @eskimoracing
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth @grantsales
The Bluetones Solomon Bites the Worm @musicvstheworld
The Charlatans Toothache @danthompson78 @sirsidneyp
Frank Turner Wisdom Teeth @amcyoung
The Staves Tongue Behind My Teeth @rich_w27
The Mountain Goats Damn These Vampires @southallio
The Maccabees Toothpaste Kisses @mobilemole59 @hertfordsoul @laugharne71
David Rawlings Sweet Tooth @sadpad21
Iron & Wine Teeth in the Grass @chasethegroove
Lisa Hannigan Teeth @vicaviber
Sparklehorse Sea of Teeth @lippykidmusic @seanhannam
Marika Hackman Itchy Teeth @damjef

Dots Jukebox: Defeat 24 Jan 2014


Song of the Week:

Artist Song Suggested by
ABBA Waterloo @danthompson78 with a mention for @skylarkingmatt
Dido White Flag @gurekei
Hurricane No. 1 Only the Strongest Will Survive @big_g_aroo
James I Defeat @rud1973
The Go! Team We Just Won’t Be Defeated @boxofpeppers
Beatles I’m a Loser @jasesteve @laugharne71
Kirsty MacColl England 2 Colombia 0 @tonylazarus @captain_parsnip
James Dean Bradfield Victory and Defeat on Kendon Hill @clairhorne
Aztec Camera Lost Outside the Tunnel @oneoclockgun
Billy Bragg All You Fascists are Bound to Lose @rorsdm with a mention for @sberrells
Elvis Costello I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down @stfudonny76
Embrace Building @mattowlgale
The Clash I Fought the Law @adamczuk @keithj_gmb with a mention for @laurasalts5
Down Losing All @eskimoracing
Rainbow I Surrender @thelastpenmon
Longpigs Lost Myself @makerzmark
Depeche Mode It’s No Good @grantsales
Electronic Disappointed @ceremony38
The The The Beat(en) Generation @contra_flow @flash_harry_ @damjef
The Delgados The Weaker Argument Defeats the Stronger @flintsghost
Super Furry Animals The Undefeated @heliumdelirium
Carter USM My Defeatist Attitude @tazismad
Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want @makesleekkills
Beck Loser @bestboomer @neilmartay @redlikejungle @lippykidbuzztap @lycan33 @instantkarma80
Kings of Convenience Failure @dandrage @antmeals
Mark Mulcahy Hey Self Defeater @esmecannot
Justin Currie No Surrender @amcyoung
Plan B ft. John Cooper Clarke Pity the Plight @purpleink1310
The Pogues The Band Played Waltzing Matilda @sadpad21
Sarah Blasko Lost and Defeated @substandardnerd
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush Don’t Give Up @melmarriott
Johnny Cash Hurt @turvenator
Amy Winehouse Love is a Losing Game @iamaraindog
Mark Eitzel Mission Rock Resort @richard0x4a
The Dears You and I Are a Gang of Losers @vaguemclarity
Sennen I Watched the End With You @_fi_bee

Dotty View: Rosie Lowe – Right Thing EP

I don’t know a lot about Rosie Lowe’s background – in fact, all I know is that she is from London, comes from a creative family, and has somehow very quickly caught the attention of radio stations including BBC 6 music and XFM, along with major publications like The Guardian and NME. This interest has fast filtered down to many independent bloggers and music lovers like myself.


I first heard the song Right Thing in December via Nadine Shah’s tweet mentioning her, and I gave the song a listen. It was one of those songs that made me stop and listen, starting off with melancholic piano along with Rosie’s sweet yet soulful vocals. It then gradually builds, incorporating synthesised jazz-like beats and intriguing background sound effects. With all of that going on, it would have been easy to miss what the song is about, but Lowe and her band achieve a great balance, and certainly don’t lose the overall feeling of sadness that the lyrics suggest.


Lowe has been compared to artists such as Jessie Ware, and has even been called the female James Blake! I’m not sure about that – Rosie’s got her own definite style, but if a comparison is going to happen, then that’s a pretty good one! If I may add a comparison, I’d like to say a mix of Lykke Li and Feist, because of the electronic link, along with the smooth, gripping vocals.

Rosie’s four track EP, Right Thing, is available to listen to on Soundcloud, and to purchase on Amazon and iTunes. With the rousing chorus of 10K Balloons, the almost unnoticeable delayed echo of Games and the deeply resonating, literally haunting, Me and Your Ghost, you will hear an innovative selection of songs from an artist with a natural flair and an exciting future.

Contacts: Booking: Press:

Right Thing on iTunes

Right Thing on Amazon




Dots Jukebox & Song of the Week: Falling 1 Jan 2014


Artist Song Suggested by
King Crimson Fallen Angel @carldogwalker
Velvet Revolver Fall to Pieces @grantsales
D Generation Falling @kellforleather
The Chameleons Don’t Fall @loopybear96
Dum Dum Girls Coming Down @theboywilliams
Radiohead Jigsaw Falling Into Place @heliumdelirium
Primal Scream All Fall Down @superjules84
McAlmont & Butler Falling @richard0x4a & @southallio
Elvis Costello I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down @sparky_hornsby @drfilth
Huey Lewis and The News Hip to be Square @gurekei
R.E.M. Fall on Me @tazismad @flash_harry_
Orange Juice Falling and Laughing @westburtonlad @iancpeacock @flintsghost
The Ocean Blue Drifting, Falling @cjcole01
The Pogues Rainy Night in Soho @sadpad21
Donald Byrd Falling Like Dominoes @guylongworth
Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul Fallin’ @heathenmofoiain
The Bluebells I’m Falling @scots_wa_hey @davesleney
Fleetwood Mac Landslide @stiggy_78
The Beatles If I Fell @monkeymarl @zanylala @instantkarma80
The Action Icarus @speedofsounduk
The Rolling Stones Tumblin’ Dice @maffrj
The New Pornographers Falling Through Your Clothes @substandardnerd
Longview Falling For You @katienana09
Alicia Keys Fallin’ @tomwaitsripoff
Crowded House Fall at Your Feet @annatheforager
Sheila Nicholls Fallen For You @iancpeacock
Tom Petty Free Fallin’ @skylarkingmatt @bestboomer @bhall4321 @jeremy_2566
Julee Cruise Falling @eclecticfriend3 @jonwarrener @cuyahoga68 @n1ckbab3r @andrewlabmonkey
The Jesus and Mary Chain Drop @rorsdm
Sigur Ros Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa @_fi_bee



Dots Jukebox: Dogs 30 Dec 2013


Artist Song Suggested by
Adam Faith Lonely Pup @gryfffez
Elvis Presley Old Shep @pauldn1
The Pointer Sisters Jump @gurekei
Belle and Sebastian Dog on Wheels @infolib_robin
The Selecter My Collie @fepnoid
Monie Love Born 2 B.R.E.E.D. @boxofpeppers
Kate Bush Hounds of Love @skylarkingmatt
Sparklehorse with Tom Waits Dog Door @jacktatty
Nina Nastasia A Dog’s Life @sadpad21
KT Tunstall Gone to the Dogs @thedebsmccoy
The Aliens Honest Again from Astronomy for Dogs @vicaviber
Iron and Wine Wolves (Ballad of the Shepherd’s Dog) @andrewlabmonkey
The Magnetic Fields Fido, Your Leash is Too Long @grantsales
Flogging Molly Salty Dog @eskimoracing
R.E.M. Wolves, Lower @cjcole01
The The Dogs of Lust @drfilth
Belly Slow Dog @substandardnerd
Bow Wow Wow Chihuahua @steve8x8
Morrissey Alsation Cousin @bomaya
Tom Waits Rain Dogs @westburtonlad
Super Furry Animals Golden Retriever @heliumdelirium @shelljacques @lostinvinyl
The Airborne Toxic Event Papillon @_fi_bee
Pixies Debaser “I am un chien Andalusia” @damjef
Aerosmith Walkin’ the Dog @peterminihane
Stiff Little Fingers Straw Dogs @scots_wa_hey
The Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog @instantkarma80 @sparkes74
Roky Erickson Two Headed Dog @contra_flow
David Bowie Queen Bitch @dubhead77
Led Zeppelin Black Dog @ianwebb1982 & @jasesteve
The Who Dogs @jon_digital
Pink Floyd Dogs of War @iancpeacock
Walter “Kid” Smith The Cat’s Got Measles, The Dog’s Got Whooping Cough @rickjleach
The Beatles Hey Bulldog @southallio @woodmanstone @1_imaginary_boy
Damien Rice Dogs @richard0x4a
The Beta Band Dog’s Got a Bone @keithj_gmb
Nick Drake Black Eyed Dog @ashleighgoldmd @carldogwalker
Simon and Garfunkel The Boxer @tonylazarus