Dots Jukebox: Witches 28th Feb 2015



Artist Song Suggested by
Cream Strange Brew @jamescollingwo1 @makerzmark
Thurston Moore Wonderful Witches @chasethegroove
Donovan Season of the Witch @skylarkingmatt @staffs77
Gengahr She’s a Witch @hertfordsoul
Marianne Faithfull Witches’ Song @rosbif65
The ERC Another Witch is Dead @cavedweller71
Hefner The Sad Witch @flintsghost @perlalaloca
Low Witches @oneillpaudie @beardedsteven @vicaviber
Liars There’s Always Room on the Broom @davidkbruce
Bloc Party Hunting for Witches @jason_dobson @grantsales
Katy B Witches Brew @purpleink1310
Aphex Twin Logan Rock Witch @mixless
PVRIS My House @webbshire
Ladytron Black Cat @damjef
Aqualung Strange and Beautiful @katienana09
Kate Bush Waking the Witch @bomaya @paulie9461 @substandardnerd
The Royalty Witchcraft @bodlingboy
Charles Sheffield It’s Your Voodoo Working @riverboatcapt
Santana Black Magic Woman @charlene82b
Eagles Witchy Woman @neilthekid @eddiesmate1
The Strawbs From the Witchwood @durutti74
Buffalo Tom Witches @jamescurran6
Marsha Hunt Walk on Guilded Splinters @theheliocentric
Jethro Tull Witch’s Promise @heyheyluciani
The Cult The Witch @zanylala
Monster Magnet 19 Witches @instantkarma80
Queens of the Stone Age Burn the Witch @danthompson78 @knoxy15 @lsherrington1
Guided By Voices Cut Out Witch @slowthrills @cjcole01
Wolfmother Witchcraft @beta_jamie
Rush Witch Hunt @heliumdelirium
The Sonics The Witch @tvermar @mightymeadow
Fear Of Men Seer @thezanussi
Jarvis Cocker Black Magic @vinylpod
Erasure Witch in the Ditch @bringitonskippy
Laurel Aitken Witch Doctor from Amsterdam @vaguemclarity
Billy Bragg She’s Got a New Spell @sberrells
Kip Tyler & The Flips She’s My Witch @thesweetcheat @contra_flow
Sparklehorse Weird Sisters @richard0x4a
Siouxsie & The Banshees Spellbound @brianwrose
Sufjan Stevens The Mistress Witch of McClure @musicvstheworld

New Music Releases w/c 2nd March 2015

This week, I lost momentum whilst searching for new music to bring to you, and almost gave up trying. I decided to go back and listen to music I’ve blogged about so far this year and remembered how it made me feel when I stumbled across music I liked – and that’s what I needed to get me back in the mood! So without further ado, here are this week’s new releases:

music makes the world go round

I think it’s fair to say Ghostpoet is becoming pretty well known now, and I’d normally focus on musicians or bands who aren’t, but I couldn’t go into this week without mentioning the wonderful Obaro Ejimiwe, could I?! His 3rd album, “Shedding Skin” is out on 2nd March. He’s got a lot to live up to, and in my opinion is going from strength to strength. Raw, gritty, honest poetry in his trademark drawl interjected with song, and atmospheric, trip-hop type sounds are enhanced by guest vocalists such as Melanie De Biasio (who I adore) and Paul Smith of Maximo Park. Listen to the title track here…

Next up this week is the second album from a lovely guy I’ve followed on Twitter for a long time now, Tom Mitchell. I’ve had the absolute privilege of listening to “Stones” already. There’s a comfortable and beautiful familiarity to his songs – he manages to engage the listener, and then keeps them interested with his catchy hooks (I’m not talking fishing, exactly) and eloquent vocals. Have a listen to “Fifty Trees” and see if it happens to you, too!

Upping the tempo a bit now with the next offering from Portland’s own Moon Duo. “Shadow of the Sun” in no way disappoints, promising us the band’s signature psych rock in droves. They’ve given us a sneak preview in the form of “Animal”, an incessantly rousing track that delivers on style, content and fulfilment of the afore-mentioned promise. Wrap your needy ears around it right now…

“I don’t like country music” is a phrase I’ve heard a lot. I’m not a fan of general statements like that, although I have been guilty of them myself (“I don’t like garage or trance” is a particular favourite). So, people who really, truly don’t like it and are prepared to write off any music with a hint of a guitar twang, look away now. Andrew Combs is bringing out his new album this week, entitled “All These Dreams“, and I like it. OK, it kinda sticks to a standard formula, but it’s got a certain something that I can’t put my finger on – maybe it’s his obvious passion for what he does, I don’t know, but it’s on my recommendations list this week, whatever the reason. I’ve made a mental note to look him up when I eventually manage to make the trip to Nashville!

Lastly this week is the new album from LA based singer Soko, “My Dreams Dictate My Reality“. I like that premise – it sounds hopeful and positive. Having a good album title is a great start! After I made that decision, I pressed play on the first song on her Soundcloud page, “Who Wears the Pants?” and was immediately struck by her bold, carefree attitude and defiant, strong vocals. Clearly inspired by new-wave and punk, having something of a goth style, and wearing her heart firmly on her sleeve, this girl has it made, I reckon. People want music they can identify with, and Soko puts her life into her songs so much that listeners will warm to her and want more, more, more!

Other new releases this week are:

River City Extension – Deliverance

Vessels – Dilate

Eula – Wool Sucking

Au.Ra – Jane’s Lament

Karin Park – Apocalypse Pop

Clarence Clarity – No Now

Sasha Siem – Most of the Boys

Black Yaya – Black Yaya

Jeff Rosenstock – We Cool?

of Montreal – Aureate Gloom

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday

Swervedriver – I Wasn’t Born to Lose You

Purity Ring – Another Eternity



Album review: Slaves – Are You Satisfied?

It feels like ages since a properly noisy new band has emerged onto the music scene, doesn’t it?

Well, I think we’ve got one in Kent duo Slaves. Together since 2012, it’s only recently that they’ve really started to become well known – I imagine that signing with Virgin EMI has helped that process somewhat!

Slaves 2I first heard them when BBC 6 music played their single “The Hunter”, and was immediately hooked. They’re loud, kind of brash, have a wicked sense of humour, and most of all are having a damn good time!

SlavesAs if to prove my point, today they revealed the video for their next single, “Feed the Mantaray”, from their forthcoming album “Are You Satisfied?“. It’s the perfect song for the first edition of Noise Wars! Here it is, ready and waiting for you to watch and listen…!

Disclaimer: no mantaray or other sea creatures were injured as part of this video (I assume!).

Slaves 1

You can contact Slaves on Twitter or Facebook and order their music here!

If anyone has any suggestions for part two of Noise Wars, feel free to give me the heads up on Twitter!

New Music Releases w/c 23 Feb 2015

Hello, and welcome to another set of new music releases on Music vs. The World!

new music we love

I frequently find that going off the beaten track can result in finding some enlightening and sometimes surprising music – this week is one of those weeks. So, without further ado, I bring you the music…

Post-Punk era band The Pop Group reformed in 2010 after a fairly hefty hiatus. Last year they brought out a rarities compilation album, “Cabinet of Curiosities“, and are now releasing their first original album in 35 years, “Citizen Zombie“. It’s a ramshackle, vibrant, frenzied thing of an album. The band have had the opportunity to be amazingly creative here, no holds barred.

The music of Elvis Perkins is beautifully crafted and highly atmospheric. His album, “Elvis Perkins in Dearland”, was released on independent record label XL Recordings. Perkins has now set up his own label, MIR, and is about to release “I Aubade“. Eloquent and evocative vocals and lyrics are at the heart of these songs, and sits alongside sits folky, quirky music – a perfect coupling.

My first thought when I heard Axis Of was “your teen will love this band”. Their second album, “The Mid Brae Inn” is full of anthemic, infectious, jaunty & catchy indie tunes with nicely put together harmonies, and I don’t think I’m too far from the truth, although I’m sure they’ll appeal to many more people too! Have a listen here…

“glis·san·do (glĭ-sän′dō): A rapid slide through a series of consecutive tones in a scalelike passage.”

This definition perfectly describes the latest offering from Dan Deacon, who is widely known for his electronica extravaganzas. He’s taken a bit of a departure with “Gliss Riffer“, and has gone back to basics, simplifying his techniques and producing something more relaxed than we’re used to. This was a brave move – no musician would want to alienate their audience, after all. However, he’s pulled it off, and this is a very pleasurable listen without losing any of the intrigue. Well played, that man.
Lastly this week, I’m going to tell you about a band I have fallen head over heels in love with. Songhoy Blues. Hailing from Timbuktu and Gao, these guys are going down a storm over here and in France, and are even doing a US tour very soon. I’m so excited for their debut album, “Music in Exile“, and every time I hear them, I feel complete and utter joy – I just want to dance! They’ve got rhythm, soul, music ability and a natural knowhow when putting their songs together. You can’t learn that mix – it just is. Get behind this band pronto, and see them live if you can – they are going to be huge!!
Other new music released this week…
Andy Kim – It’s Decided
JJ Grey & Mofro – Ol’ Glory
Sea Change – Breakage
Dutch Uncles – O Shudder
Romare – Projections
Black Star Riders – The Killer Instinct
THEESatisfaction – EarthEE
Misterwives – Our Own House
Torche – Restarter
Christopher Cordoba – Us Poor Humans
Cheatahs – Sunne (EP)
Future Brown – Future Brown
Public Service Broadcasting – The Race for Space
The Black Ryder – The Door Behind the Door
Radical Dads – Universal Coolers
Gang of Four – What Happens Next
Diamond Rugs – Cosmetics
Travis Bretzer – Waxing Romantic
Pelican – The Cliff
Spectres – Dying
Punch Brothers – The Phospherescent Blues

Gig Review: The Expletives, Peterborough 14th February 2015

The Expletives, 14th February 2015, Swiss Cottage, Peterborough

When I walked into The Swiss Cottage pub on 14th February 2015, the air was bristling with a kind of nervous energy that is specific to a pre-gig atmosphere. Whether it’s a huge arena with a million pound budget or a tiny, cramped pub with a dartboard as a backdrop, that excitement is very much present.

On surveying the scene, I quickly noticed the band was busy setting up in a tiny “stage” area, like they were playing a game of Jenga with guitar amps; the post-football-game crowd was dispersing ; a small group of obviously close friends were sitting off to the side near the mixing desk, chatting and laughing together; people were propping up the bar, drinking away their woes perhaps, or catching up with friends after a long week. Nothing out of the ordinary here – just your average Saturday night down the local, where a band happens to be playing. Right?

Whole Band Wrong! I was there to see The Expletives, an alternative covers band from Peterborough, formed only 10 months ago and borne of a shared love for 70s Punk and New Wave music. Singer Sean Dunleavy and guitarist/bassist Angus Mackman have played together extensively in various bands, most recently and currently in Filthy Lucre, a Sex Pistols tribute band. They knew the exact formula they wanted for The Expletives, and quickly recruited 19 year old drummer Luke Pasco and 17 year old bassist Joel Bowyer. Don’t let those young ages disillusion you – these lads REALLY know what they’re doing. I hope that doesn’t sound patronising!

The band is on at 9.30pm and immediately burst into action with “Blitzkrieg Bop” – it’s a kick-ass, attention grabbing, exuberant start, and a sign of the good things to come.

Joel Blasting out “Borstal Breakout”; “A Bomb in Wardour Street” and “Denis Denis”, it is evident that frontman Sean loves a bit of crowd interaction, and I like that he has no fear of getting close to individuals, who more often than not react well and join in! He’s not even phased by a couple of stony glances or the heckling. By the end of “Denis Denis”, people are up and dancing, and the atmosphere is nicely upbeat.

The well-honed performance continues with “London Calling” – the band and the crowd are feeding off each other’s energy here, which is joyous to see!

Next up is The Expletives’ take on “Tainted Love” – a feisty, lung-bursting version which enables Angus to display his ace guitar techniques.

Richard Hammering through classics such as “Suspect Device”; “Silly Thing”; “Babylon’s Burning” – the drums on this are incredibly difficult, and damn well executed – Luke is a rising star, that’s for sure – and “Here Comes the Summer”, the first set comes to a close with “Leaving Here”, where Joel’s bass sounds absolutely sublime; “Hanging on the Telephone” and “Anarchy in the UK”. The crowd is on top form, and the band members are dripping with sweat.

After a much needed refreshment break, The Expletives are back for set two, which is equally as triumphant and powerful as the first. Giving us their take on “God Save the Queen”; “Stepping Stone”; “Milk & Alcohol”, full of dirty sounding vocals and sexy bass sounds galore; “Hurry Up Harry” and “Too Much Too Young”, this band are relentlessly energetic in their delivery. It’s a pleasure to witness.

The musical onslaught continues with “Baggy Trousers”; “Kick Out the Jams”, which includes a delightfully jaw-dropping guitar solo; “All Around the World” and “Love Song”. I find myself thinking these guys are having such a good time, and have got such a great connection, that they might just want to carry on playing forever…

Rich and SeanHowever, all good things do eventually somehow come to an end. Sometimes, though, it’s an enthusiastic, exciting end – that’s what The Expletives give us. “Jilted John”; the crowd pleasing “Should I Stay or Should I Go”; “Rockaway Beach”; “New Rose”, which Sean dedicates to his wife; and “Pretty Vacant”. It’s all genuinely raucous, dynamic and fiery. People watching and listening are on the band’s side, dancing and singing along with the music, and that’s got to be a very good thing!

Whoops and cheers persuade the guys to come back, and they not so gently ease us out with “I Fought the Law” and “If the Kids are United”. By popular demand, they then replay “Borstal Breakout” and “Babylon’s Burning” (Luke’s face was a picture – he must have been hurting by then!).

I came away from this gig feeling exhilarated and almost as worn out as the band must have felt! Excellent music played by people who enjoy what they do and are bloody good at it too. Can’t complain at that at all!!

In essence, The Expletives are a must see band, who are gigging furiously in the Greater Peterborough area this year. There are no excuses – get following their facebook page or MySpace to keep up to date with their whereabouts, or to contact them to book a gig! You won’t be sorry.

All photographs used in this article are owned by and copyright to Adam Pasco. Please do not use any image without prior consent. Thank you.

Dots Jukebox: “Insults” 16th Feb 2015



Artist Song Suggested by
The Libertines Can’t Stand Me Now @daveorv41
Barenaked Ladies Wind it Up @scottp68
Garbage Stupid Girl @ciderrose57
McAlmont & Butler Yes @naecompromise
Cinerama Hate @flintsghost
Ween Mister Richard Smoker @danthompson78 @grantsales
David Ford Go to Hell @katienana09
Half Man Half Biscuit Corgi Registered Friends @bringitonskippy
Cud Sticks and Stones @trishthompson27
The Wildhearts Shut Your Fucking Mouth and Use Your Fucking Brain @guitartutorrich
Roger Alan Wade Psycho Bitch from Hell @makerzmark
Pele Raid the Palace @hertfordsoul
Thee Headcoats Hog’s Jaw @country_steve
Guided by Voices Game of Pricks @jonesrl86
Carter USM Surfin’ USM @vaguemclarity @arihat_
Dead Kennedys Nazi Punks Fuck Off @vapple78
The Bloodhound Gang Why’s Everybody Always Pickin’ On Me? @southallio
Julian Cope Incredibly Ugly Girl @jcrowther9
Ian Dury Fuck Off Noddy @contra_flow
Jesus Jones Idiot Stare @captain_parsnip
The Cribs Our Bovine Public @riverboatcapt
Blondie Rip Her to Shreds @richardkhornsey @shelljacques @realpaulmurray
Bo Diddley Say Man @chasethegroove
Jilted John Jilted John @jenbren1976
The Wonder Stuff Unbearable @recrwplay
Kelis Caught Out There @drapedinwires89 @mirandakitten @paulie9461 @purpleink1310
The Pharcyde Ya Mama @damjef
Louis Jordan & Louis Armstrong You Rascal You @rickjleach
Martha Wainwright Bloody Mother F##king A##ehole @skylarkingmatt
Pet Shop Boys How Can You Expect to be Taken Seriously? @hungryhatter
The Bluetones Thought You’d be Taller @pineapplehurts
The Housemartins Drop Down Dead @jamescollingwo1
Reel Big Fish Hate You @vesskimo
New Bad Things I Suck @maffrj
Special AKA What I Like Most About You is Your Girlfriend @slowthrills
The Jam Butterfly Collector @seatinthestalls
John Lennon How Do You Sleep? @instantkarma80
Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street @carldogwalker @iancpeacock
Carly Simon You’re So Vain @staffs77
Green Day Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) @lsherrington1

New Music Releases w/c 16th February 2015


Welcome to another week of new music! With no further ado, here’s what you can get your hands on this week…!

Badbadnotgood has teamed up with Ghostface Killah again to produce an entire album together, “Sour Soul“, following their collaborative success on 2014 single “Six Degrees”. This hotly anticipated album does not disappoint – with a mix of styles, attitudes and influences, this was bound to be something deemed pretty special. Ghostface delivers his urgent, unrelenting rhymes alongside hazy jazz/hip hop music to create a futuristic vibe. They’re in tune with each other, and this provides a most pleasurable listening experience.

Next up is someone whose music is a bit of a departure for me. Suzanne Sundfør‘s vocals bring to mind a mix between Kate Bush, Madonna and Stevie Nicks, and she couples that voice with modern electro-pop. Her new album, “Ten Love Songs” is so close to being a mainstream commercial product, but is somehow quite distant at the same time. Sundfør has chosen a difficult genre, inasmuch as it’s been tried and tested, but her unique touch  will hopefully set her apart from those who are doing the same as we’ve heard before.

Ambient folk electronica. That’s how I’d describe Snow Ghosts. They’re on the verge of releasing their second album within 18 months, “A Wrecking“, and my goodness it is great. Strong, rousing, haunting vocals enhance dark, intimate, noisy, bizarre, droning, intriguing, beautiful music.

19 year old French-Cuban twins who go by the name of Ibeyi are scarily in tune with each other. No wonder they’ve decided to display their musical prowess in public! I’m going to let their music do the talking, as I occasionally do, but will just say I hope they keep up this momentum – it could be easy for such young people to lose the plot a bit. I’ve got a feeling these girls have it pretty sussed, though! Ones to watch, for sure. Check out their debut eponymous album here.

Lastly this week, I give to you S. Carey with his absolutely sublime EP, “Supermoon“. I am frequently drawn to piano music. When it’s intense and beautiful like this, it makes me feel indescribably emotional. There is no superflousness here. Every note means something. I can feel Carey’s heart and soul showing itself through his music. I like to ensure I make time in my world for people who have that ability.

Other music releases this week…

Carl Barat and The Jackals – Let it Reign

Marika Hackman – We Slept Last Night

OK Go – Hungry Ghosts

A Place To Bury Strangers – Transfixiation

Tropics – Rapture

Martin Callingham – Tonight, We All Swim Free

Imagine Dragons – Smoke and Mirrors

Idlewild – Everything Ever Written

The Amazing – Picture You

Jose Gonzalez – Vestiges & Claws

New Releases w/c 9th February 2015

This week I have yet more wonderful new music to bring to you…


I really like music that is kept simple, or at least appears to be simple – I’ve said it many times, there’s nowhere to hide & every note must truly mean something. The Dø have kept the instruments to a minimum for their third album, “Shake Shook Shaken“. A keyboard, a computer and a voice is all it’s taken to produce what is in my opinion an absolute delight of an album. Catchy, surreal, purposeful and appealing.

Adrian Sherwood has had an extensive career working with the likes of Depeche Mode and Primal Scream among others. In 2013, he teamed up with Dubstep musician Pinch, and they’ve now produced their first album together, “Late Night Endless“. It’s fair to say that Dubstep isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’ve had a good listen and this is music that for the most part does not offend my ears! It’s quite intriguing in places, and I really like the intermittent injections of reggae. Anyway, listen for yourselves, and draw your own conclusions.

This week, I stumbled upon a feisty little band from Birmingham who call themselves Peace. They’re like a mixture between Kula Shaker, The Music and a hint of Primal Scream. It kinda works. This band has a mischievous confidence yet at the same time an anxious need to have the right formula. I happen to think they’ve pretty much nailed it with second album “Happy People“, and I don’t mind betting they go down a storm in a live setting!

I only heard of this next artist last night, and her voice hit me in the very core of my soul. I couldn’t not bring her to your attention. Her name is Rhiannon Giddens, she’s had relative success with Carolina Chocolate Drops in the past, and she’s about to release her debut solo album, “Tomorrow is My Turn“. I don’t even care that the majority of songs on this album are covers – her style and that voice… oh, I’m just going to let her music do the talking here. Mind: blown.

Finally, a five piece band from The Wirrall who cite some of their influences as being Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and (wait for it) The Bangles!. I hear elements of all coming through, and there’s a definite psychedelic undercurrent, which I love, man. The Sundowners are their name, and they’re on the verge of releasing their eponymous debut album. There is a magnetism with this band, and that pull is very difficult to resist, for me. Here’s my favourite song from the album, “Into the Light”.

Other music releases this week…

Idlewild – Everything Ever Written

Duke Garwood – Heavy Love

The Wave Pictures – Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon

Atari Teenage Riot – Reset

Detail – First Detail

Gretchen Peters – Blackbirds

Sam Kelly – Spokes

Quarterbacks – Quarterbacks

The Districts – A Flourish and a Spoil

Black Rivers – Black Rivers

Jack Savoretti – Written in Scars

Crushed Beaks – Scatter

The Unthanks – Mount the Air

Vision Fortune – Country Music

Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear

William Ryan Fritch – Revisionist