Dots Jukebox: “Water” 6 Sep 13


Artist Song Suggested by
Public Image Limited Blue Water @sparky_hornsby
PJ Harvey Down By The Water @sparkes74 @thisiscranebags
Alice In Chains Dam That River @clbutler76
Pearl Jam Even Flow @philjago88
Deep Purple Smoke On The Water @eva_mulder
Led Zeppelin The Ocean @rorsdm
The Standells Dirty Water @contra_flow
The Kinks Waterloo Sunset @flash_harry @clairhorne
The Beatles Rain @geniusmover @speedofsounduk
Lemon Jelly Nice Weather For Ducks @jcrowther9
The Decemberists Down To The Water @andrewlabmonkey
The Waterboys This Is The Sea @trish_savine
The Levellers The Riverflow @sprungatom
TLC Waterfalls @cuyahoga68
Otis Redding You Left The Water Running @skylarkingmatt @kelli3_j
Bruce Springsteen The River @oneillpaudie @guildtom
Blind Melon No Rain @buttersstotch11
The Residents Japanese Watercolour @robertleith
The Cure The Same Deep Water As You @cavedweller71
James Waterfall @katienana09
Richard Ashcroft Buy It In Bottles @mjh_79
Delgados Everything Goes Around The Water @bomaya
Newton Faulkner Teardrop @etch32
Rain Tree Crow Blackwater @peterminihane
Mark Lanegan Bleeding Muddy Water @grantsales
Morcheeba The Sea @stiggy_78
Nick Drake Riverman @rich_w27 @p_burnett @infolib_robin
Bert Jansch Black Waterside @guylongworth
Feist The Water @_fruit_loop
The Stone Roses Waterfall @ccbriggers @purpleink1310

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