Dots Jukebox: Protection 27 Dec 13


Artist Song Suggested by
Eddie Hinton Cover Me @contra_flow
The Four Tops Reach Out I’ll Be There @_fi_bee
Carole King You’ve Got a Friend @gryfffez
Beach House Take Care @chops_top_fives
Fleet Foxes Your Protector @heliumdelirium @sparkes74
David J Roch Hour of Need @_fi_bee
Idlewild Safe and Sound @heliumdelirium
The Stone Roses Ten Storey Love Song @_fi_bee
Joy Division Isolation @sprungatom
Fine Young Cannibals Johnny Come Home @tattybeard @gaynorpaul
Electric Eel Shock Rock & Roll Can Rescue the World @grantsales
Boomtown Rats Looking After Number One @shep_1972
The Specials Too Much Too Young @makerzmark
The Clash Protex Blue @skylarkingmatt @robertleith
The Clash Safe European Home @vaguemclarity
Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter @sparkes74 @steve8x8
Bruce Springsteen Cover Me @ledmunds
Elbow An Audience With the Pope @_fi_bee
Bob Dylan Shelter from the Storm @makerzmark @andrewlabmonkey
The White Stripes This Protector @_fi_bee
Ghostpoet Cash and Carry Me Home @_fi_bee
Massive Attack Safe From Harm @lippykidbuzztap
Massive Attack Protection @grantsales @rorsdm @turvenator
Nina Simone Save Me @guylongworth
Donald Fagen Security Joan @chasethegroove
Tony Christie Avenues and Alleyways @tonylazarus
Blind Willie McTell Lord, Send Me An Angel @_fi_bee
Woodman Stone When Tigers Claw @_fi_bee
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water @richard0x4a
Blur Tender @_fi_bee

Dots Jukebox: Windy Weather 23 Dec 13


Artist Song Suggested by
Mumford and Sons Winter Winds @turvenator
Mansun When the Wind Blows @tazismad
Queen & David Bowie Under Pressure @philmonkey
Patrick Swayze She’s Like the Wind @lickleamyb
Flying Colours The Storm @peterminihane
The Submarines Grey Skies Blue @rich_w27
The Seeds The Wind Blows Your Hair @chasethegroove
Tracey Thorn Why Does the Wind @iancpeacock
Moby Whispering Wind @n1ckbab3r
North Sea Radio Orchestra Heavy Weather @nobrightside
David Bowie Wild is the Wind @loopybear96
The Association Windy @zanylala
Van Morrison Full Force Gale @skylarkingmatt
Richard Hawley There’s a Storm Coming @richard0x4a
Kansas Dust in the Wind @monkeymarl
Donovan Catch the Wind @drfilth @carldogwalker
Crooked Still Wind and Rain @substandardnerd
Cat Stevens The Wind @steve8x8
Joni Mitchell Let the Wind Carry Me @realpaulmurray
Bob Dylan Blowin’ in the Wind @mattowlgale @lycan33
Tanya Donelly The Storm @garykaill
Neil Young Like a Hurricane @bannahhanana77 @andrewlabmonkey
PJ Harvey The Wind @sparkes74 @slowthrills @sadpad21 @rorsdm
The Doors Riders on the Storm @instantkarma80 @buttersstotch11 @eva_mulder
Led Zeppelin When the Levee Breaks @grantsales
Jimi Hendrix The Wind Cries Mary @drfilth @stfudonny76 @westburtonlad @contra_flow @antmeals
Donald Byrd Wind Parade @guylongworth
Etta James Stormy Weather @gryfffez
Jimmy Cliff Hurricane Hattie @vaguemclarity
T-Bone Walker Call it Stormy Monday @_fi_bee

Raising awareness of Mental Health: Ralph’s Life Charity Music CD

ralphs life

If you support unsigned Indie music, and also have an interest in Mental Health (which, let’s face it, everyone should!), then this is an excellent project to back.

Ralph’s Life Charity Music CD

You can pledge pretty much any amount you wish, and contribute towards this excellent cause. Depending on how much you pledge, you will receive a different package, from a thank you email for £1.00 right through to a CD and VIP pass to the album launch night for £20.00.

The music is certainly not secondary to the cause – with artists such as Mog Stanley, Debs McCoy, Snippet, Wullae Wright, The Travelling Band, The Bedroom Hour and Tom Robinson (of 2, 4, 6, 8 Motorway fame), you won’t be disappointed!

Keep up to date with progress via Twitter

You have until 9.20am on 3rd January 2014 to make a pledge – time’s ticking away – it would be amazing if the £5000.00 target could be reached!

So, if you can spare between £1 and £30, or more if you’re able, please make a pledge to this amazing project.

Thank you!

Dotty View: Andrew Ferris

Andrew Ferris 3

Hailing from The Forest of Dean, folk/indie/pop singer Andrew Ferris is currently based in Austria, where he’s focussing on studio work rather than gigs. Exploring musical opportunities and ideas, he’s keen to share his songs far and wide, and now his music has made it to my ears.

His first solo release was the Red Lorry EP in May 2012. A journey that starts with a skip in the step with The Fall of Man, the jaunty What I Know (La La La), via the comfort of Home, a gentle touch from With This Heart and the heartfelt Song For You, this is a great insight into Andrew’s style, influences and ability. It’s considered, beautiful, clever and brilliant.

Red Lorry

Ferris released his debut album, Yellow Lorry, in October 2013. Andrew says he wants to challenge you musically and lyrically, and has compiled this album specifically to attempt to do that.

The opener, Smile, does what it says on the tin – I found myself bopping around with a silly grin on my face during this song! Indie pop at its best!

Ferris treats us next to an indie/acoustic/blues mix in the shape of Moving On. Lyrically clever, and punctuated by distinctive bluesy guitar, this is one of my favourites from the album.

Lost at Sea is heartbreakingly honest, wonderfully crafted and beautifully hopeful. The song tells us that no matter how alone and frightened you feel, you shouldn’t think badly of yourself, and that there will always be someone ready to help you, to “stop you from floating away”.

Next up are The Little Things You Do and Little Bird, two really fun, upbeat folk songs. Foot tappers at worst, they will bring a smile to your face and a dance to your heart. The former even has a harmonica solo! I love this style – Ferris does it very well indeed.

The Fall of Man has made it onto the album, too, and fits in very well here. It’s a great inclusion, and follows on really well from the last two songs. Actually, the whole order of the album is extremely well thought through. It must be a bit like doing a playlist, ensuring that each song follows on from and moves into the next song. Andrew has achieved this perfectly.

Faster than the Leaves is about how life changes as people change and move apart, but in a positive way. It’s making the best of what was a difficult situation, and seeing light where there could easily be dark. It’s a wonderful sentiment.

Ferris surprises us next with one of the quirkiest starts to a song I’ve heard! Something Changed tells us about being energised by new feelings of love, along with the uncertainty about how the other person may feel. I really like the addition of brass at 1m50, after a little chuckle from Andrew! This is a great little song.

As an insight into Andrew’s deepest thoughts, the album finishes with strength and beauty in the form of The Remainder. He really does wear his heart on his sleeve, I think. “I sold my soul. I’ll have to buy it back if I’ve ever got a hope of going home.”

I am so excited about this music. Some days, you just need something that covers all bases, that makes you feel every emotion, and Yellow Lorry does this for me. Andrew Ferris is on my Must See Gigs 2014 list!

Andrew Ferris 5

Because it’s Christmas, here’s Andrew’s take on Jingle Bells… it’s so lovely!

Andrew Ferris on iTunes




Andrew Ferris’ Website


Dots Jukebox: Get Ahead Get a Hat 21 Dec 13


Artist Song Suggested by
Bob Dylan Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat @carldogwalker @makesleekkills @cuyahoga68
Mark Knopfler Don’t Forget Your Hat @chasethegroove
The Mountain Goats Wizard Buys a Hat @_fi_bee
The Blue Nile From a Late Night Train @rich_w27 @melmarriott
Electronic Getting Away With It @ccbriggers
Brian Eno King’s Lead Hat @darkladyofsonnets66 @lippykidbuzztap
David Bowie Queen Bitch @richard0x4a
Cud Under My Hat @infolib_robin
Sailor Panama @boxofpeppers
Prince Raspberry Beret @vicaviber @tomkentsen @keithj_gmb @redlikejungle
ELO Don’t Bring Me Down @thelastpenmon
Cornershop Brimful of Asha @ablufia
Boy George Karma Chameleon @danthompson78
The Proclaimers Cap in Hand @vaguemclarity
Faithless Baseball Cap @_fi_bee
Men Without Hats Safety Dance @n1ckbab3r @jamesoldham
They Might Be Giants Hovering Sombrero @sipperana
Steeleye Span All Around My Hat @skylarkingmatt @monkeymarl @cheezyuk
Procol Harum Homburg @westburtonlad
The Spinto Band Direct to Helmet @steve8x8
A Show of Hands The Blue Cockade @gryfffez
Echo and the Bunnymen Thorn of Crowns @rorsdm
The Kinks She’s Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina @louisbalfour @flintsghost
Tankus the Henge Hat @tonylazarus
Beck Feather in Your Cap @_fi_bee
Del Shannon Hats Off to Larry @clairhorne @realpaulmurray @substandardnerd
Marvin Gaye Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) @contra_flow
Joe Cocker You Can Leave Your Hat On @eva_mulder
Etta James You Can Leave Your Hat On @andrewlabmonkey
Charles Mingus Goodbye Pork Pie Hat @instantkarma

Dotty View: Dukes of New York

DoNY are Ipswich based Pip & Will, friends since high school who have naturally progressed to forming their own band after playing music together for many years.


Founded in 2011, they’re now signed to Cabin Fever Records and managed by Snake Plissken – if that’s his real name, that’s ultra cool!

Essentially an acoustic duo, they’ve also recently teamed up with other musicians to record 7 songs for their website, and to gig with.

I’ve listened to the songs on their bandpage a few times, now. There are some definite strengths in there, and also room for improvement, in my opinion.

They know their instruments, but are a bit too restrained – almost shy, really! Having said that, “About You” and “Take Me Over” both show glimmers of what could be, as there’s way more energy, especially vocally, than in “Not Another”, “Just Real Good” and “Nails”, for example.

Download: About You

“Ventura” has a bit of a bluesy feel, as does “On Our Way to LA” which also provides a touch of psychedelic sounding guitar at 1m27s! For me, sometimes the acoustic guitar work goes on slightly too long, and could have more in the way of a melody, but it’s a pretty good direction generally.

Download: Take Me Over

Kudos to these lads for getting their music out there, it’s a tough business to get into and I really hope they stick at it. I reckon a bit less self restraint is what is called for here – I’d like them to just get stuck in and go for it. No holds barred!


I’ll be keeping my eye on their progress, so be ready to hear more about them in the future!

You can contact the band on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also download their seven recorded songs on their Bandpage!

Dotty View: Wullae Wright – The Orange Line

Wullae finally released his long awaited album on 20th August 2013 – he spent 18 months recording it, and I like to think it’s his method of escapism, the journey that he tells us is the theme of the album. I thought I’d wait a little while to review it, and take the time to listen until it’s embedded into my mind. It’s been like my very own journey. I didn’t mean to leave it quite this long, but here we are!

The album kicks off with “UFO”, which is an impressive combination of acoustic, classical and indie rock. You can feel the pain in Wright’s vocals. I’m immediately gripped.

“A Stage With Your Own Fears” is dark, melodic, perfectly punctuated with crashing cymbals and later petering off into lone strings, which lead gently into the next song.

My favourite song from the album is “Survived Unpromised Souls” – it’s absolutely sublime. Indicative of Wullae’s style, the simplicity of the guitar is a beautiful thing, and his voice is the strongest I’ve heard it.

I love the faster songs on the album, too – “Roadtrippin’”, “You Never Said Anything” and “Plasticland” have layer upon layer of musical goodness. Wright’s musical imagination knows no bounds. This is A Good Thing! “Plasticland” also gives a nod towards the 60s with a slightly psychedelic/Beatles-ish feel to it.

He’s also highly capable of slowing things down – listen to “Nostalgic”, “Living on the Edge” and “Superhero”, and feel the songs seep around you and into your mind. I’m certain this is the intention with these quirky little tunes – I’d love to know what inspires him.

“Beware: Angels Beckon” showcases Wullae’s voice with a very interesting drumbeat. I’m intruiged, and hooked. The only thing that doesn’t really work for me is the strained vocals at certain parts of the song, but I can get past that!

Wright’s penultimate song is what I would describe as a goodbye song. “A Story of a Wall” is, to me, about experiencing the aimlessness of life sometimes, and wanting to escape. I love the echo and the atmosphere it provides. I feel like I’m inner city wanting to be somewhere with space to breathe.

“All The Time” is just gorgeous. Wullae’s voice is superb here – you almost need nothing else. A crescendo that will break your heart and make you fall in love at the same time happens at 1:50 – I defy you to not feel moved by this song. A wonderful end to a superb album.

Wright has put his heart, body and soul into this album. He’s worked his fingers to the bone to get it just how he wanted it. It’s evident he’s passionate about what he does. I cannot wait to see what else he has to offer. Watch this space – he’s destined for a huge career.

A Christmas song has recently appeared on Wullae’s Soundcloud… have a cheeky listen here!




The Longest Playlist Ever AKA First Gig!


Artist Info Song Suggested by
Bay City Rollers Shang-a-Lang @clairhorne
PWEI Dance of the Mad Bastards @gilbertgubbins
Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer @jonwarrener
Longpigs She Said @katienana09
The Lemonheads Manchester Academy 1992 Into Your Arms @sammartinsmith
My Bloody Valentine Leeds 1988 Thorn @steve8x8
Lindisfarne Newcastle City Hall late 70s early 80s Winter Song @andrewlabmonkey
The Eagles 2000 Take It Easy @ianwebb1982
Ride Today @northernnelly
Thin Lizzy Emerald @pauldn1
Michael McDonald Manchester Apollo 1984 Soul Train @bluegirl_66
Adam and the Ants Deeside Leisure Centre 1982 Dog Eat Dog @monkeymarl
Metallica Milton Keynes Bowl Master of Puppets @xplusyequals13
Biffy Clyro Yeovil August 2002 Bubbles @ajcarvell
The Stranglers No More Heroes @colinb65
Duran Duran Planet Earth @jcrowther9
Stereophonics 15/01/98 The Bartender and the Thief @lycan33
Saxon Manchester Apollo 1981 Ride Like the Wind @lippykidbuzztap
Spear of Destiny Mickey @antmeals
OMD Liverpool Empire 20th November 1980 Dresden @ellibin
The Mission Birmingham NEC 1988 Into the Blue @spookshow71
Status Quo What You’re Proposing (Just Supposin’) @ashleighgoldmd
Jean Michel Jarre 8th October 1988 Equinoxe part 1 @fepnoid
The Cure Hammersmith Odeon May 1981 All Cats are Grey @iancpeacock
Steve Vai Astoria The Audience is Listening @dukesofnewyork
James Getting Away With It @rachjaynesmith
Kate Bush 1979 Symphony in Blue @paulie9461
Grover Washington Jr Hammersmith Odeon 1976 Inner City Blues @tonylazarus
Marillion Hammersmith Odeon 1986 Garden Party @chops_top_fives
Hazel O’Connor Eighth Day @sonicanne1
Peter Andre Mysterious Girl @flourella_
Take That 1990s Never Forget @trish_savine
Carter USM Preston Guildhall 6th October 1993 Only Living Boy in New Cross @sprungatom
The Housemartins Labour Conference early 1980s Happy Hour @guylongworth
Billy Bragg Greetings to the New Brunette @adamczuk
James Brown Get On Up @makesleekkills
Chapterhouse Bristol University Falling Down @jonezyt
INXS Bournemouth 1991 New Sensation @sparkes74
Everly Brothers 1987, Liverpool Empire Love of the Common People @laugharne71
House of Pain Newcastle 1984 Shamrocks and Shenanigans @danthompson78
Uriah Heep 01/03/77 Let it Ride @robertleith
Madness Wembley Arena December 1993 Night Boat to Cairo @boundaryboy1
Shakin’ Stevens This Ole House @lazerguidedblog
Depeche Mode Wembley Arena 1990 People Are People @seanhannam @nicktheowl
Killing Joke Manchester Apollo The Wait @drfilth
Saxon Mansfield Leisure Centre 1990 Waiting for the Night @seismicshed
Leon Russell 1972 A Song For You @chasethegroove
The Stranglers 18th October 1982 Golden Brown @moodymitchy
Space Avenging Angels @makerzmark
Ian Gillan Corby Festival Hall 21st November 1982 Bringing Joanna Back @guitartutorrich
Paul Young Come Back and Stay @skylarkingmatt
The Cramps Hamburg 1986 Human Fly @sparkypatrick
Crowded House Distant Sun @stiggy_78
CSS 2007 Off the Hook @christensendrg
Bryan Adams Hyde Park Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven @lickleamyb
Ralph McTell Streets of London @richard0x4a
Manics 1995 From Despair to Where @captain_parsnip
Ramones Hammersmith Palais 22 Oct 1981 We Want the Airwaves @amcyoung
Aztec Camera 1983 Down the Dip @archieslander
Five Star Rain Or Shine @kid76a
Herman Brood & His Wild Romance Rock n Roll Junkie @contra_flow
Simple Minds 1987 Don’t You Forget About Me @damjef
Happy Mondays Whitley Bay Ice Rink 23 Nov 1990 Kinky Afro @danscreaton
Yazoo Dominion Theatre, 1982 Only You @robbingham
Siouxsie & the Banshees Spellbound @eclecticfriend3
The Music The Truth is No Words @flintsghost
Muse 30th October 2012 Plug in Baby @heliumdelirium
Chris De Burgh 1988 A Spaceman Came Travelling @jamesoldham
The Strawbs 1970s Lay Down @melmarriott
The Jam 01/05/79 Strange Town @oneoclockgun
Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love @mickyfisk
Bon Jovi 1993 Keep the Faith @philmonkey
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin Reading University Kill Your Television @schmatt
Little Hell 1997 Hemotoxic @grantsales
Squeeze September 1980 Cool for Cats @gryfffez
John Martyn Hebden Bridge Picture House Dancing @jacktatty
REM Slane Castle 1995 Try Not to Breathe @oneillpaudie
John Miles Croydon Fairfield Halls 1978 No Hard Feelings @hewnique
Shed Seven Getting Better @lsherrington1
Tori Amos Bristol 1994 Cornflake Girl @substandardnerd
Billy Bragg Accident Waiting To Happen @tazismad
The Grateful Dead The Rainbow, 1980 One More Saturday Night @woodmanstone
Cream Strange Brew @theheliocentric
Saxon Glasgow Apollo 1983 Wheels of Steel @vaguemclarity
Faces Edmonton Regal 72 or 73 Miss Judy’s Farm @westburtonlad
Queen 1977 Tie Your Mother Down @zanylala
Dire Straits Wembley Arena 1991 Brothers in Arms @_fi_bee

Dotty View: Lucks Lane


Rock band Lucks Lane, who hail from the Peterborough area, are currently working on their second album, due for release in early 2014.

Their first album, A New Someone, was released in 2012 under a slightly different lineup to how you see them now. It was a punchy, brave debut, with gems such as Some Scars Must Remain that will have you singing along, and I’ll Keep You Inside to which you’ll find yourself nodding your head to the beat.

Lucks Lane have now released their EP, A Million Hours, and have subsequently found that their songs being aired on radio stations in the UK, US, Canada and Australia! They’ve also undertaken their first radio interview along with airplay of acoustic live songs. They really are getting their name out there!

This EP is very strong – three songs long, it’s comprised of the anthemic Running For My Life (I challenge you to listen to this song without then singing it in your head for the next few weeks!),  the beautiful title track, A Million Hours and the quirky, assertive Turn the Tide.

A Million Hours EP

This is a great introduction to the band as they are now, with Pete Moore writing the songs and the band performing them to an extremely high standard. They’ve worked out their individual strengths and manage to showcase them all as a whole, without losing any of the main aim: producing good music.

Potter’s outstanding guitar work; Cairney’s sometimes fierce, sometimes emotive vocals; Stimpson’s bass playing, which is positively melodic; and the talented Daglish on keyboards and rhythm guitar are all topped off by King’s drums, which are exceptional – he leads the band with vigour through each song, and he’s clearly an accomplished drummer.

I’m so impressed with this band. They are exciting, energetic, passionate and superb musicians, and I cannot wait to hear their second album, The Story of Our Lives. I’m also keeping my ear to the ground for tour news, as I will be in that crowd!

[Disclaimer: I am the sister of one of the band, but that in no way means I am biased. If I like something, I like it – it’s that simple. I genuinely love their music, and think many other people will, too! Thank you.]





Dotty View: Mog Stanley

Mog Stanley

About a year ago, I heard a song on the radio that caught my attention. That song was Little Bag of Bones by one Mog Stanley. Its bluesy quality is what grabbed me – I dig the Blues!

It’s a travesty that I’ve not written about him until now, but since then he’s released his EP, Inside the Mindbox, and a single, Tricky Mouth Blues, from his as yet untitled upcoming album. All exciting and promising stuff!

Mog Stanley’s style, although distinctively Blues, is incredibly soft, especially vocally. Sometimes (with his older songs), the lyrics get slightly lost behind the louder music, but in general I really like the way Stanley delivers his songs.

His most recent Soundcloud offering is Move On, and it’s my favourite song he’s done yet. He’s really honing his style, and it’s very pleasing to the ear! The tune is so melodic, the lyrics a perfect match. I’m looking forward to this appearing on an album.

I’ve had the honour of being able to listen to a couple of other new tracks which are demos for the album. All I Know is classic Blues, with Stanley’s vocal becoming stronger than I’ve heard it before – he’s matching it well to the music – a much better balance. You Don’t Know is a bit quirkier than other songs I’ve heard from Mog. The tempo and melody is pretty varied – he’s obviously trying new techniques, and forming new ideas. This bodes very well for his future, in my opinion.

I’d love to go and see Mog Stanley in a gig setting at some point – I can imagine him engaging well with an audience, and I think his songs would be very well received. I will endeavour to see him in 2014!

I’m also really looking forward to a full album from Stanley, hopefully incorporating his roots and experimenting with improved styles. It’s going to be worth hearing, that’s for sure!