Dots Jukebox: Birds 31 Jan 14


Song of the Week:

Artist Song Suggested by
Sister Seagull Be Bop Deluxe @cavedweller71
Fleetwood Mac Albatross @skylarkingmatt @seismicshed @ablufia with a mention for @ianwebb1982
Dead Kennedys I Am the Owl @hodge_nufc
Public Image Limited Albatross @sparky_hornsby
Iron Maiden Where Eagles Dare @instantkarma80
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Ice Cream for Crow @contra_flow @robertleith
The Bees Chicken Payback @maffrj
Ray Charles Shake Your Tail Feather @stfudonny76
Dee Dee Sharp Do The Bird @ageingraver
Steve Miller Band Fly Like an Eagle @gryfffez
Beatles Blackbird @carldogwalker @clarkcityrocker with a mention for @neilmartay & @laugharne71
Leonard Cohen Bird on a Wire @redlikejungle
Eels I Like Birds @jacktatty
The Rockingbirds Jonathan, Jonathan @boxofpeppers
Cloud Control Gold Canary @turvenator
The Golden Horde Crash Pad Chick @pauldn1
The Music Machine The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly @country_steve
Eagles of Metal Death Only Want You @grantsales
Sleeper Swallow @captain_parsnip
Super Furry Animals Fuzzy Birds @heliumdelirium @danthompson78
The White Stripes Little Bird @superjules84 @pcrawford67
Pulp Birds in Your Garden @southallio
The Doves The Cedar Room @paulseddonuk
Elbow The Birds @zanylala @oneillpaudie
Suede To the Birds @richard0x4a @jaytennant_
The Bluetones The Jub-Jub Bird @tazismad
Cold Crows Dead The Ghost That Burnt Your House Down @chimbonda39
Sparklehorse Hundreds of Sparrows @mattowlgale
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan Hawk @dumptee_humptee
Goldfrapp Little Bird @keithj_gmb @djmuncle
James Blake Lindisfarne @sadpad21
Sergei Prokofiev Theme of the Bird @gurekei
Pink Floyd Cirrus Minor @_fi_bee
Neko Case Maybe Sparrow @now_playing_72
The Black Feathers You Will Be Mine @eva_mulder
Shearwater Rooks @iamaraindog
Laura Marling I Was an Eagle @gilbertgubbins @jamiessx
Fleet Foxes Meadowlarks @jasesteve
Jesca Hoop ft. Guy Garvey Murder of Birds @sparkes74
Bill Callahan Too Many Birds @loopybear96 @vaguemclarity

Dotty View: David Robert Bridge

Dorset based David Robert Bridge released his first solo album, Black Clouds Gathering, on 5th November of 2012 following a period of serious depression – he states that writing music was his therapy. Two days after the album was released, however, he tried to take his own life. Bridge tells us that it’s a miracle that he’s still with us. Maybe that miracle is what has spurred him on to work first on the Adventure EP which he brought out last June, and now on his second solo album, which is due to be released on 10th March.

Front Cover

An introspective project, I feel that Life is for Living is the physical manifestation of David’s heart on his sleeve. He gives what I interpret to be an honest account of what happened on that fateful day in 2012 within Thursday Morning High, and the emotion in his voice is very apparent, I think.

One song I’ve fallen for is Black Carnation – the vocals are the definite focus here. Sarah de Warren joins David, and gives another level to this beautiful track with her sweet, lilting style complementing David’s gentleness of both lyric and voice so well.

Back Inside Cover

Don’t Save My Soul Tonight is one of my favourites from the album – a more upbeat tune, it’s still got Bridge’s simple yet effective style. None of his songs are trying to be anything other than what they are. I really like that. I’m reminded a bit of Ryan Adams – not an influence cited by David (Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley are two names he suggests), but not hugely dissimilar, in my opinion.

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking David is something along the lines of “yet another acoustic solo artist”, or similar. However, please give this man’s music a go – he’s got personality, he knows what he likes and what he’s good at, his emotion comes through in his music, and he’s got potential. Just look at the circumstances under which this album was made – you’ve got to have something about you to be able to do that, I reckon. I’m looking forward to whatever he does in his future.

You’ll be able to buy David’s album on iTunes and bandcamp, and there’s a sneak preview on Soundcloud!





Dotty View: The Vincent(s)

Cork based band The Vincent(s) have caught my attention this month, and I can’t stop listening to them. They’ve only been together since Summer 2012, but already have tons of live dates throughout Ireland under their collective belt, as well as an EP and single release.


I’m stupidly excited about this band, not least because they’ve transported me back to 1991, which was about the time I discovered Nirvana’s existence. Wasn’t that an amazing time for music?! Well, I thought so, and still do! In a very short space of time I’ve become addicted to The Vincent(s)’ music, and don’t feel like I’ll get bored any time soon, so forgive me for singing their praises to anyone who will listen!


Do you want indie/deathpop/modern grunge? You got it with this band, in droves upon droves! You’re after loud, exciting, strong tunes full of attitude? Yep, The Vincent(s) can do that for you. Do you get excited about a funky bassline and a vocalist unafraid to be as unlimited as the other instruments played? Guess what – you’ve just stumbled across what you’re looking for.

Their new single, Asked Her to the Dance, is quite blues-y and grunge-y – it reminds me a bit of The Black Keys, and also Pearl Jam. It’s dirty, raw, and seamless in its delivery.

My favourite song so far is Song for the Sea – it’s [insert complimentary, yet unnecessary, expletive here] brilliant!! Actually, I’ll let it speak for itself…

Milk With Tea is so damn cool – interesting fluctuations in rhythm, bizarre guitar (at least, I think it’s a guitar! I’m no pro!) which is totally well placed, and an awesome shouty chorus – this is quite possibly the band’s anthem, if one could be pinpointed. I bet it rocks live!

If you’re a Londoner, you’re in luck – they have their first two gigs out of Ireland on 26th March (Proud, Camden) and 28th March (The Old Blue Last, London). I strongly suggest you get along to see them – it’s reported that their gigs are thrilling, and surely that’s not to be missed! (If you go, I have got serious gig envy, so don’t expect me to be your friend!)

TheVincents Pav

In essence, reader, you need The Vincent(s) in your life. Quite simply, they rock! So. Go get!! What are you still doing here? GO! Enjoy!







Breaking Tunes

Dotty View: Big Bad Wow

Sheffield based one man band Danny Lowe, AKA Big Bad Wow, has just released three Bandcamp offerings in quick succession.

big bad wow

Goblins was released in October, and is a group of songs that Danny plays live the most out of all his songs. He then brought out his song Govern-mental Blues (Yachts and Plonkers) as a one off release, and most recently in December released Voodoo Monkey Chicken, his latest EP.

There’s a massive nod towards psychedelia in a lot of Lowe’s music, especially in tracks like Magical Realm, which has a looping guitar riff that wouldn’t be out of place on Deep Purple’s Purpendicular.

I’m personally not hugely keen on the vocals, mainly because I feel they are somewhat lost within the lo-fi recording of the tracks. Some of the music is great, though, and if the vocal was stronger songs like Sirius Oblivious (which is similar in style to Blur – I’m thinking Coffee and TV and Chemical World) could do well.

voodoo monkey chicken

What I do like is that Danny is passionate about what he does, and that he has a vision. He’s politically minded, and unafraid to speak his mind. That is a good thing in music of today – when we have so much dull, generic, yawnworthy music to listen to, it’s great to hear Big Bad Wow challenging that.

If you like what you’ve heard here, check out Big Bad Wow in the following zones:






Dots Jukebox: Defeat 24 Jan 2014


Song of the Week:

Artist Song Suggested by
ABBA Waterloo @danthompson78 with a mention for @skylarkingmatt
Dido White Flag @gurekei
Hurricane No. 1 Only the Strongest Will Survive @big_g_aroo
James I Defeat @rud1973
The Go! Team We Just Won’t Be Defeated @boxofpeppers
Beatles I’m a Loser @jasesteve @laugharne71
Kirsty MacColl England 2 Colombia 0 @tonylazarus @captain_parsnip
James Dean Bradfield Victory and Defeat on Kendon Hill @clairhorne
Aztec Camera Lost Outside the Tunnel @oneoclockgun
Billy Bragg All You Fascists are Bound to Lose @rorsdm with a mention for @sberrells
Elvis Costello I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down @stfudonny76
Embrace Building @mattowlgale
The Clash I Fought the Law @adamczuk @keithj_gmb with a mention for @laurasalts5
Down Losing All @eskimoracing
Rainbow I Surrender @thelastpenmon
Longpigs Lost Myself @makerzmark
Depeche Mode It’s No Good @grantsales
Electronic Disappointed @ceremony38
The The The Beat(en) Generation @contra_flow @flash_harry_ @damjef
The Delgados The Weaker Argument Defeats the Stronger @flintsghost
Super Furry Animals The Undefeated @heliumdelirium
Carter USM My Defeatist Attitude @tazismad
Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want @makesleekkills
Beck Loser @bestboomer @neilmartay @redlikejungle @lippykidbuzztap @lycan33 @instantkarma80
Kings of Convenience Failure @dandrage @antmeals
Mark Mulcahy Hey Self Defeater @esmecannot
Justin Currie No Surrender @amcyoung
Plan B ft. John Cooper Clarke Pity the Plight @purpleink1310
The Pogues The Band Played Waltzing Matilda @sadpad21
Sarah Blasko Lost and Defeated @substandardnerd
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush Don’t Give Up @melmarriott
Johnny Cash Hurt @turvenator
Amy Winehouse Love is a Losing Game @iamaraindog
Mark Eitzel Mission Rock Resort @richard0x4a
The Dears You and I Are a Gang of Losers @vaguemclarity
Sennen I Watched the End With You @_fi_bee

Dots Jukebox: Lies 20 Jan 2014


Song of the Week:

Artist Song Suggested by
The Knickerbockers Lies @country_steve @contra_flow @damprice
The Who La-la-la-lies @speedofsounduk @thelastpenmon
The Buzzcocks Love is Lies @richard0x4a
John Lennon Gimme Some Truth @skylarkingmatt @danthompson78 @gilbertgubbins
Another Sunny Day Can’t You Tell It’s True? @rich_w27
Henry Rollins Liar @eskimoracing @dawniemaria19
Sonic Youth Panty Lies @dubhead77
The Damned Liar @geniusmover
Flesh For Lulu I Might Have Said You’re Beautiful But You Know I’m Just a Liar @chasethegroove
The Charlottes Liar @dgee3
The Wedding Present Be Honest @oreilly7 @sadpad21
EMF Lies @tazismad
Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know? @grantsales
Chvrches Lies @cjcole01
Broken Records Lies @chops_top_fives
Arcade Fire Rebellion (Lies) @heliumdelirium
Hefner The Sweetness Lies Within @gurekei
UB40 Dream a Lie @sparky_hornsby
Marina and the Diamonds Lies @melmarriott
Thompson Twins Lies @bhall4321
Big Star Don’t Lie to Me @slowthrills
Fleetwood Mac Little Lies @ccbriggers @trish_savine @paulharps @steve8x8 @annatheforager
Queen Liar @heyheyluciani
10cc I’m Not In Love @tonylazarus
Linda Thompson Telling Me Lies @bestboomer
Shortwave Set House of Lies @cavedweller71
The Longpigs I Lied I Love You @sparkes74
Red Hot Chili Peppers I Could Have Lied @mattowlgale
Chris Bell Though I Know She Lies @flintsghost
Elliott Smith The Biggest Lie @turvenator
Neko Case Lonely Old Lies @substandardnerd
Bright Eyes No Lies, Just Love @_fi_bee

Dotty View: Jykkälä – Disappearers

When a band or musician approaches me for a review, I always feel a sense of anticipation prior to listening to the music. Along with that is a fear that I won’t like the music, to the point that when I’m about to press “play”, I’m so worried that this will be my first negative review that I almost don’t want to listen!

Luckily, today was one of those occasions where pressing “play” was the best decision I made all day! As soon as the first note hit my ears, I was transported away from all my troubles, and into the depths of the music. I stayed there for a while, just being with the music, letting it float over me, and seep into my mind.

jykkala 1


The Disappearers EP:

Tyomatkalainen – Simple, classical, beautiful, piano with an ever present wisp of a sound layered behind the piano. This sends shivers down my spine.

Aetheolaena – Different to the rest of the tracks on the EP – it’s faster, it’s quirky. I like quirky. It’s still beautifully tuneful, and extremely well comprised. Whoever has written this music knows how to construct a good tune. I’d love to know their background and experience.

Olemme Vahentynyt – If I close my eyes, I’m on a train on the brightest summer day. Suddenly, a flash mob orchestra begins, builds, and then in come the vocalists, who raise the tune to an outstanding crescendo. This is an absolutely stunning track.

DK192 – Oh, the strings… Oh, the piano… wonderfully sublime, they build and fade, they tease and talk, they reach in and touch your heart. I’m energised by this track – to give this tune its full credit, I should be in a forest clearing dancing like the free spirit I desire to be.

Disappearers – Jungle drum sounds with layer upon layer of the most beautiful electronic mix imaginable. I cannot even describe how this song makes me feel. The world has officially run out of words because of this tune.

Jykkala 2

This band are perfect in their mystery – I can’t find any information anywhere about who they are, and I know I could easily have asked, but not knowing makes me feel closer to the music, somehow.


Soundcloud – Disappearers EP



Dotty View: Rosie Lowe – Right Thing EP

I don’t know a lot about Rosie Lowe’s background – in fact, all I know is that she is from London, comes from a creative family, and has somehow very quickly caught the attention of radio stations including BBC 6 music and XFM, along with major publications like The Guardian and NME. This interest has fast filtered down to many independent bloggers and music lovers like myself.


I first heard the song Right Thing in December via Nadine Shah’s tweet mentioning her, and I gave the song a listen. It was one of those songs that made me stop and listen, starting off with melancholic piano along with Rosie’s sweet yet soulful vocals. It then gradually builds, incorporating synthesised jazz-like beats and intriguing background sound effects. With all of that going on, it would have been easy to miss what the song is about, but Lowe and her band achieve a great balance, and certainly don’t lose the overall feeling of sadness that the lyrics suggest.


Lowe has been compared to artists such as Jessie Ware, and has even been called the female James Blake! I’m not sure about that – Rosie’s got her own definite style, but if a comparison is going to happen, then that’s a pretty good one! If I may add a comparison, I’d like to say a mix of Lykke Li and Feist, because of the electronic link, along with the smooth, gripping vocals.

Rosie’s four track EP, Right Thing, is available to listen to on Soundcloud, and to purchase on Amazon and iTunes. With the rousing chorus of 10K Balloons, the almost unnoticeable delayed echo of Games and the deeply resonating, literally haunting, Me and Your Ghost, you will hear an innovative selection of songs from an artist with a natural flair and an exciting future.

Contacts: Booking: Press:

Right Thing on iTunes

Right Thing on Amazon




Dotty View: Weepikes – We Are Weepikes

Finnish Alternative Rock band Weepikes have recently reformed following a thirteen year break, prior to which they released two EPs which were received well in the indie world. They’ve been back together since 2010, released a comeback promo CD in 2012, and last February brought out their first album, We Are Weepikes.


They’ve taken a while to be brought to my attention, but this is a good time to use “better late than never” in a sentence, as I’m finding myself intruiged by their musical career, and wanting more.

The band are now working with a couple of artists who have helped to push forward their musical direction, namely Kramer (who has previously worked with Galaxie 500 and Urge Overkill to name but two bands) and another Finnish band called K-X-P, who have remixed one of Weepikes’ tracks, Falling Off the Carpet.


Onto the music itself. You need to know that I’m an absolute sucker for a dirty guitar riff, and Weepikes have them in droves. It’s in no way stagnant or old sounding, though, despite being quite Grunge in places. I love Grunge music, by the way. I’d mosh in my Doctor Martens all over the place if I had some. Anyway, I digress. Weepikes have brought their style right up to the 21st century with an electronic, almost ambient in places, feel to their music. Think Eels mixed with Pixies and a touch of The Prodigy in there for good measure, and you’re pretty close to what Weepikes sound like.

Nothing But a Soar is my favourite track from the album – it’s noisy, brash and brave, which (along with musical skill, of course) are pretty much all the qualities I look for in an indie band! I love the strong bassline, the heavy drumbeat and the randomness of the lyrics.

I’ve got to say, don’t ignore their two EP releases from ’95 and ’97 – Zoo from Howkey? is superb – it’s got a great rhythm and an almost reggae feel to it during the slower sections, and then your ears are full of screechy guitar – I was nodding along to it like I’d heard it a million times. Great stuff! I’m less keen on the second EP, Selling Fish. The standout track is definitely Electric Misters, but otherwise I’ve got a feeling that maybe the band were losing their way a bit at this point. I’m very glad they sorted things out and are giving it another go!

I reckon Weepikes could create a great following outside of Finland if they’re struggling to be recognised there, although achieving success in your country of origin is obviously a nice thing to do! I believe they’d be well received here in the UK, and it seems they are aiming in this direction, as well as the USA.

Lyrically imaginative and musically adventurous, in my opinion this band are obscure and chaotic in a very special way that doesn’t come along too often. Give them a listen, and see if you agree!






Dots Jukebox & Song of the Week: Falling 1 Jan 2014


Artist Song Suggested by
King Crimson Fallen Angel @carldogwalker
Velvet Revolver Fall to Pieces @grantsales
D Generation Falling @kellforleather
The Chameleons Don’t Fall @loopybear96
Dum Dum Girls Coming Down @theboywilliams
Radiohead Jigsaw Falling Into Place @heliumdelirium
Primal Scream All Fall Down @superjules84
McAlmont & Butler Falling @richard0x4a & @southallio
Elvis Costello I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down @sparky_hornsby @drfilth
Huey Lewis and The News Hip to be Square @gurekei
R.E.M. Fall on Me @tazismad @flash_harry_
Orange Juice Falling and Laughing @westburtonlad @iancpeacock @flintsghost
The Ocean Blue Drifting, Falling @cjcole01
The Pogues Rainy Night in Soho @sadpad21
Donald Byrd Falling Like Dominoes @guylongworth
Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul Fallin’ @heathenmofoiain
The Bluebells I’m Falling @scots_wa_hey @davesleney
Fleetwood Mac Landslide @stiggy_78
The Beatles If I Fell @monkeymarl @zanylala @instantkarma80
The Action Icarus @speedofsounduk
The Rolling Stones Tumblin’ Dice @maffrj
The New Pornographers Falling Through Your Clothes @substandardnerd
Longview Falling For You @katienana09
Alicia Keys Fallin’ @tomwaitsripoff
Crowded House Fall at Your Feet @annatheforager
Sheila Nicholls Fallen For You @iancpeacock
Tom Petty Free Fallin’ @skylarkingmatt @bestboomer @bhall4321 @jeremy_2566
Julee Cruise Falling @eclecticfriend3 @jonwarrener @cuyahoga68 @n1ckbab3r @andrewlabmonkey
The Jesus and Mary Chain Drop @rorsdm
Sigur Ros Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa @_fi_bee