Dots Jukebox: Secrets 29th November 2013


Artist Song Suggested by
Voice of the Beehive I Say Nothing @damjef
Tracy Ullman They Don’t Know @paolomeccano
Fun Boy Three Our Lips Are Sealed @agirlinport @cavedweller71 @guildtom
Soft Cell My Secret Life @tonylazarus
The Cure Secrets @fac586 @iancpeacock
David Bowie The Secret Life of Arabia @ladyofsonnets66 @instantkarma80 @contra_flow
Mercury Rev Secret for a Song @tymgrady
Pink Floyd A Saucerful of Secrets @purpleink1310 @clbutler76 @heliumdelirium
Nico Secret Side @theboywilliams
Fallout Boy My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark @grantsales
Good Charlotte Secrets @sammyblish
Blur It Could Be You @thelastpenmon
Queens of the Stone Age The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret @vaguemclarity @sparkes74 @danthompson78 @jcrowther9 @gilbertgubbins
The Whitest Boy Alive Keep a Secret @_fruit_loop
The Pierces Secret @substandardnerd
Semisonic Secret Smile @lycan33 @westburtonlad @steve8x8
Nirvana Where Did You Sleep Last Night? @sparky_hornsby
Beatles Do You Want To Know a Secret @woodmanstone @amcyoung
The Family Tree Keepin’ a Secret @chasethegroove
Novi Singers Secret Life @guylongworth
Leonard Cohen In My Secret Life @antmeals @sean_write @bluegirl_66
Sandy Denny I’m a Dreamer @gryfffez
Billy Paul Me and Mrs Jones @diladyk
Manuel Galban & Ry Cooder Secret Love @richard0x4a
Blair Dunlop Secret Theatre @annatheforager
Billy Bragg & Wilco Secrets of the Sea @cjcole01
The National Secret Meeting @kid76a
Nadine Shah Never Tell Me Mam @andrewlabmonkey
The Magnetic Fields Save a Secret for the Moon @_fruit_loop
Doris Day Secret Love @ashleighgoldmd @skylarkingmatt

Dots Jukebox: Surprise 22nd November 2013


Artist Song Suggested by
Gillan Future Shock @amcyoung
X Surprise Surprise @chasethegroove
Eels Electro-Shock Blues @_fruit_loop
Siouxsie & The Banshees Peek a Boo @crescendo_9
Kylie Minogue Shocked @maffrj
Radiohead No Surprises @gilbertgubbins @steve8x8
David Gilmour Out of the Blue @_fruit_loop
The Smashing Pumpkins The Beginning is the End of the Beginning @grantsales
New Order Touched by the Hand of God @guylongworth
James Yuill No Surprise @_fruit_loop
John Lennon Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox) @instantkarma80
Peter Gabriel Shock the Monkey @paulseddonuk
Todd Rundgren Hello It’s Me! @eva_mulder
Haircut 100 Surprise Me Again @_fruit_loop
Joanna Gruesome Secret Surprise @weloveallthat @substandardnerd
The Jam Start @neilmartay
Prefab Sprout Life of Surprises @sparkes74 @contra_flow @guildtom
Lulu Surprise Surprise @paolomeccano
George Harrison Shanghai Surprise @_fruit_loop
Ramones Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment @pauldn1 @cavedweller71
The Boo Radleys What’s In The Box? @damjef @philmonkey
Soundgarden She Likes Surprises @peterminihane
Dark Dark Dark The Great Mistake @richard0x4a
The Psychedelic Furs Shock @_fruit_loop
The The Out of the Blue (Into the Fire) @sean_write
Paul Oakenfold Starry Eyed Surprise @cheezyuk
Kristin Hersh In Shock @lsherrington1
Semisonic Surprise @_fruit_loop
The Felice Brothers The Big Surprise @mattowlgale
Marvin Gaye I Heard It Through The Grapevine @skylarkingmatt

Dotty View: Debs McCoy – Silent The Corner


When I first heard Debs McCoy’s music about a year ago, I was struck by its gentle honesty and beautiful simplicity.

Now she has released her second solo album, and I am pleased to say she hasn’t lost her touch. Not only that, but she has honed her skills – the production has improved, but at the same time she has managed to stick to her roots. None of the emotion is lost, as so often happens as musical careers progress. She pulls you into her world and suddenly you are within her songs. She makes you listen, really listen.

Propagate, the first song on the album, showcases Debs’ unique vocals over strings and guitar, and a quiet, almost jazz like beat, but (happily for me), with none of the mismatching that so often seems to accompany jazz music. “I talk in rhyme, I talk of dreams, I talk of things unseen.” is spoken at intervals throughout the song. I wonder what Debs’ dreams are, and what she hasn’t seen…

Beauty, Majesty and Drama is the cool air, the low sun and the fallen leaves of Autumn.

Debs is, for me, at her best when she sits at a piano and sings… Ruben provides this. I adore this song, and could listen over and over again without ever being bored. Simply beautiful.

The title track is rich, mesmerising, simple and interesting. I’d love to know how Debs achieves that balance, but then I’d be the one making music!

“Unravel the mind, a metre beneath
Kindness of looks, from eyes not beast
Out into day, step down, concrete shelf
I turn to bid him well
He smiles to himself

I am alone with this, prolonged”

It’s the perfect song to take the listener from the first CD of the album into the five instrumental tracks on the second CD. I love this idea – classical music is to be celebrated, and Debs does this with her modern, gentle influence.

The Lake is my favourite from the second part of the album. Close your eyes, breathe it in, feel yourself relax with the music surrounding you. I’m moved to tears. Music that can induce such strong emotion needs to be heard.

I am so excited to hear what else Debs has in her musical repertoire – she has an extremely promising future.

Buy Silent The Corner here




Debs McCoy’s website

Dots Jukebox: Exercise 2nd November 2013


Artist Song Suggested by
Frightened Rabbit Swim Until You Can’t See Land @_fruit_loop
Alpaca Sports I Was Running @berlincanary
The Trashcan Sinatras Weightlifting @sdamienconnor
U2 Running To Stand Still @philjamesj @gaynorpaul
Supergrass Moving @thelastpenmon
Placebo Running Up That Hill @grantsales
Kate Bush Running Up That Hill @kid76a @ackleite @guildtom @oneillpaudie @mattowlgale
Belle and Sebastian The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner @lsherrington1 @maffrj @andrewlabmonkey @tomsw1
Spandau Ballet Musclebound @redlikejungle
Van Halen Jump @steve8x8 @cjcole01
Bruce Springsteen Born To Run @richard0x4a @eva_mulder
Olivia Newton John Physical @genevieveding @flash_harry_ @maryfrump
Queen Bicycle Race @etch32 @paulie9461
Beyoncé Work It Out @paolomeccano
Benni Benassi Satisfaction @big_g_aroo
Joy Division Exercise One @cavedweller71 @iancpeacock @geniusmover
Bent Exercise 2 @philmonkey
Ghostpoet Run Run Run @theboywilliams
808 State Lift @ceremony38
Roots Manuva Witness the Fitness @danthompson78 @fepnoid
House of Pain Jump Around @flogging_murphy
Flaming Lips Out For a Walk @chasethegroove
The Jam Running On The Spot @moodymitchy @guarintees
Fugazi Long Distance Runner @contra_flow
OK Go Here It Goes Again @sprungatom
Crippled Black Phoenix Rise Up and Fight @heathenmofolain
Iron Maiden Long Distance Runner @pyfbrown
Pink Floyd Bike @skylarkingmatt
Erlen Oye The Athlete @_fruit_loop
Spencer Davis Group Keep On Running @speedofsounduk @sparky_hornsby @steve8x8