Dots Jukebox: “Languages” 23 May 2014





Artist Song Suggested by
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts The French Song @amcyoung
Stereolab French Disko @baxterman_ @captain_parsnip @stiggy_78 @dara1966 @lsherrington1
Morphine You Speak My Language @cavedweller71 @heddersd
Stormtroopers of Death Speak English or Die @sirsidneyp
Violent Femmes Epp Opp Ork Ah-Ah @chasethegroove
Vic Chesnutt Strange Language @contra_flow
The Vapours Turning Japanese @dandyintherough @lennybun
This Heat Makeshift Swahili @flintsghost
The Tours Language School @robertleith
Beck Qué Onda Guero @musicvstheworld
Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood @rosbif65 @tangerinebean
Laurie Anderson Language is a Virus @ggccot
Super Furry Animals The International Language of Screaming @heliumdelirium @hertfordsoul @damjef @hollowmandan
Foals The French Open @mattowlbeak
The Style Council Speak Like a Child @theboywilliams
Electric Guitars Language Problems @realpaulmurray
Stevie Wonder Sir Duke @richard0x4a
Be Bop Deluxe Electrical Language @riverboatcapt
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek ft. Les Nubians Love Language @musicvstheworld
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy The Language of Violence @rorsdm
The Cure Speak My Language @rud1973
Sweet Baboo The Morse Code for Love… @sadpad21
Suzanne Vega Language @rich_w27
Marianne Faithful Broken English @sberrells
Banarama Robert de Niro’s Waiting @vicaviber @laurasalts5
Joe Ely She Never Spoke Spanish to Me @westburtonlad
Malcolm McLaren Double Dutch @indieover40 @jacklondonexile
Lamb Another Language @musicvstheworld
Everything But the Girl The Language of Life @boxofpeppers
Gruff Rhys If We Were Words @katie_zoid

Dots Recommends: Dan Rose, Jill Tracy & Etherwood

It’s a sunny Sunday, and I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for some music to match that loveliness.

Firstly, I bring you a lovely fella called Dan Rose. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, he’s not only produced a delightfully upbeat (despite the subject matter) EP for our listening pleasure, but he’s also ultra friendly and polite! I hope he doesn’t lose any of those qualities as he continues his journey through the musical world – it’s a breath of fresh air.

Dan Rose

OK, so the format of his songs could be considered to be somewhat basic, but I for one rather like that. They’re stripped back, honest, heart-worn-on-the-sleeve moments of tunes. There’s something to be said for not making things over-complicated.

Here’s my favourite track from the EP, “A Song of Love”:

You can listen to and buy Dan’s songs on bandcamp, and have a chat with him on twitter!

If you like moody, mystical songs beautifully surrounded by dark piano, and punctuated with intriguing percussion and occasional strings, then Jill Tracy could well be for you.

Jill Tracy

Jill’s musical presence is hypnotic, magical and evocative. I don’t need to go on about it. Just listen…

Follow Jill Tracy on twitter and subscribe to her official website.

My final recommendation for today is someone I heard of just this morning via a friend on facebook, who said it’s perfect Sunday listening. Ladies and gents, I give you Etherwood. I tried it, I liked it, and now I’m telling you about it. Billed as drum and bass, it’s not a style of music that I’d normally be drawn to, but this has an ethereal (hence the artist name, I guess) feel to it instead of just being noise, noise and more noise.


As I’m listening, I’m imagining sitting in a garden on a warm Summer’s day, wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, happy voices drifting through the air and heat on my face. Maybe if I play Etherwood’s music every single day, there will be an eternal Summer…

Here’s a preview of “Begin By Letting Go” from the eponymous debut album:

If you like what you hear, pop along to iTunes and grab the album for all of £6.99!

Thanks for listening to today’s recommendations, I hope you’ve enjoyed at least some, or hopefully all of it! Happy Sunday to you all!

Dotty View: Lykke Li – “I Never Learn”.

Back in 2010, I heard a stunning, intense female voice singing a beautiful song called “Paris Blue”.

I later found out that the voice belonged to Swedish born Lykke Li. I’ve maintained a keen interest in her music ever since that moment, and so was extremely happy when she announced her third album “I Never Learn” was to be released this May, and that the release would coincide with a tour. I immediately pre-ordered the album, and of course ordered a ticket to see her at Village Underground in London. I’ve waited four years to have the opportunity to see her, and the pre-gig excitement is currently building – five sleeps to go!


While I wait to see Miss Svennson in the flesh, I am now able to listen to the new album in its entirety since the LP landed on my doorstep yesterday.

I love listening to new music. From the moment I press play on Soundcloud, or load the CD, it is a truly wondrous experience that can never be recaptured, so I like to savour it. This moment is always heightened when it’s an LP, I think. Breaking that cellophane and viewing the hidden secrets inside is a momentous occasion.

Lykke Li does not disappoint – one of the things I love about her is the apparent simplicity surrounding her. The cover photograph is a black and white of her facing the camera shrouded in a black veil. The inserts are basic, even down to the sticker on the vinyl which simply says “SONGS”. Nothing else is required – it is all about the music. This is somehow an incredibly emotional moment. Music has got me through so many situations, good and bad, and sometimes people forget about it amongst all the marketing and media. All I want to do is listen to the notes played and the words uttered.


Onto the album itself, now.

The opening song, the title track, is rich, warm and enticing. The harmonies, strings and guitar meld together so beautifully. I adore the instrumentals and the choir like vocals. The intention of this song is seemingly clear – it won’t let you go, but then suddenly, without warning, it does just that, leaving one lost and confused, and ever so slightly disappointed – maybe, just maybe, that’s how Lykke Li was feeling when she wrote this, and she wants us to understand.

Next up is the first single from the album, “No Rest for the Wicked”. Here, Lykke Li is singing about letting herself down, trusting again and having her heart broken. It’s enormously catchy, and you’ll be humming it to yourself for weeks. It’s also an insight into the more pop side of Lykke Li, and despite the fact I’m not much of a pop fan, I really do like this a lot.

Moving on, via the swelling waves of sound within “Just Like a Dream”, the thought provoking sound effects of “Silver Line” and the building vocal melody of “Gunshot”, we arrive at a song that grasps me by the heart and steals my tears, “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone”. I can tell this song is highly emotive, and in places difficult for Lykke Li to sing – her voice catches, and because there’s nowhere to hide amongst the gentle guitar and slight reverb, the listener cannot fail to notice her pain. This is one of the best songs on the album, for me.

This is a rather ironic album, as the last three songs demonstrate. “Never Gonna Love Again” tells us that Lykke Li will never again let herself go to anyone, that she’ll protect herself and not let anyone hurt her. She goes on to say in “Heart of Steel” that she doesn’t want to be alone forever, and pleads with herself to allow love in. In the final song, “Sleeping Alone”, she contradicts herself by telling us “We’ll meet again…” – this isn’t a criticism, it’s merely an observation that she is human, and that she knows she will at some point take that risk again, and that she has hope for a future where love exists. Don’t we all have all of these thoughts at some point in our lives? I know I have…


From start to finish, “I Never Learn” displays Lykke Li’s inimitable style – she gives us nine outstanding, beautifully put together, imaginatively created, heartfelt, rousing, heartbreaking, wonderful songs. I am impressed, and am now looking forward to gig night even more that I was pre-listen! I truly believe you’ll love it, too.

Buy “I Never Learn” here.

Lykke Li on Twitter.

Official Website.

Dots Jukebox: “On Strike” 2nd May 2014

On strike


Artist Song Suggested by
Temple of the Dog Hunger Strike @contra_flow
RATM’s version of Bob Dylan Maggie’s Farm @hodge_nufc @mattowlbeak
Airbourne Heads are Gonna Roll @grantsales
Newtown Neurotics Take Strike Action @sadpad21
Robert Calvert Picket Line @chasethegroove
Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right @1infivehq
Pigeon Detectives I’m Not Gonna Take This @stamfordcowboy
MGMT It’s Working @little_mono
The Jam Down at the Tube Station at Midnight @thelastpenmon @philmonkey
De La Soul Say No Go @weloveallthat
The Redskins Unionize @realpaulmurray @andywansell
Pretty Girls Make Graves Parade @now_playing_72
The Smiths Work is a Four Letter Word @katie_zoid
The Style Council Walls Come Tumbling Down @skylarkingmatt
The Men They Couldn’t Hang Shirt of Blue @rich_w27 @sparkypatrick
Duckworth Lewis Method The Sweet Spot @brianwrose
Billy Bragg Which Side Are You On? @theboywilliams @sean_write
Jim Bob Mrs Fucking MacMurphy @indieover40
Elvis Costello Clown Strike @musicvstheworld
John Tams A Man of Constant Sorrow @richard0x4a
Flying Pickets Only You @big_g_aroo @sparkes74
Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush Don’t Give Up @lexiland71
The Faces Debris @jacklondonexile
Strawbs Part of the Union @westburtonlad @lennybun
Richard Thompson Blackleg Miner @riverboatcapt @annatheforager
Pete Seeger Casey Jones (the Union Scab) @beatcitytone
Ry Cooder Strike! @musicvstheworld
Levellers Truth Is @heliumdelirium
Blondie Union City Blue @boxofpeppers
Manic Street Preachers A Design For Life @southallio