Dots Jukebox: “On Strike” 2nd May 2014

On strike


Artist Song Suggested by
Temple of the Dog Hunger Strike @contra_flow
RATM’s version of Bob Dylan Maggie’s Farm @hodge_nufc @mattowlbeak
Airbourne Heads are Gonna Roll @grantsales
Newtown Neurotics Take Strike Action @sadpad21
Robert Calvert Picket Line @chasethegroove
Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right @1infivehq
Pigeon Detectives I’m Not Gonna Take This @stamfordcowboy
MGMT It’s Working @little_mono
The Jam Down at the Tube Station at Midnight @thelastpenmon @philmonkey
De La Soul Say No Go @weloveallthat
The Redskins Unionize @realpaulmurray @andywansell
Pretty Girls Make Graves Parade @now_playing_72
The Smiths Work is a Four Letter Word @katie_zoid
The Style Council Walls Come Tumbling Down @skylarkingmatt
The Men They Couldn’t Hang Shirt of Blue @rich_w27 @sparkypatrick
Duckworth Lewis Method The Sweet Spot @brianwrose
Billy Bragg Which Side Are You On? @theboywilliams @sean_write
Jim Bob Mrs Fucking MacMurphy @indieover40
Elvis Costello Clown Strike @musicvstheworld
John Tams A Man of Constant Sorrow @richard0x4a
Flying Pickets Only You @big_g_aroo @sparkes74
Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush Don’t Give Up @lexiland71
The Faces Debris @jacklondonexile
Strawbs Part of the Union @westburtonlad @lennybun
Richard Thompson Blackleg Miner @riverboatcapt @annatheforager
Pete Seeger Casey Jones (the Union Scab) @beatcitytone
Ry Cooder Strike! @musicvstheworld
Levellers Truth Is @heliumdelirium
Blondie Union City Blue @boxofpeppers
Manic Street Preachers A Design For Life @southallio





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