Dots Recommends: Dan Rose, Jill Tracy & Etherwood

It’s a sunny Sunday, and I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for some music to match that loveliness.

Firstly, I bring you a lovely fella called Dan Rose. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, he’s not only produced a delightfully upbeat (despite the subject matter) EP for our listening pleasure, but he’s also ultra friendly and polite! I hope he doesn’t lose any of those qualities as he continues his journey through the musical world – it’s a breath of fresh air.

Dan Rose

OK, so the format of his songs could be considered to be somewhat basic, but I for one rather like that. They’re stripped back, honest, heart-worn-on-the-sleeve moments of tunes. There’s something to be said for not making things over-complicated.

Here’s my favourite track from the EP, “A Song of Love”:

You can listen to and buy Dan’s songs on bandcamp, and have a chat with him on twitter!

If you like moody, mystical songs beautifully surrounded by dark piano, and punctuated with intriguing percussion and occasional strings, then Jill Tracy could well be for you.

Jill Tracy

Jill’s musical presence is hypnotic, magical and evocative. I don’t need to go on about it. Just listen…

Follow Jill Tracy on twitter and subscribe to her official website.

My final recommendation for today is someone I heard of just this morning via a friend on facebook, who said it’s perfect Sunday listening. Ladies and gents, I give you Etherwood. I tried it, I liked it, and now I’m telling you about it. Billed as drum and bass, it’s not a style of music that I’d normally be drawn to, but this has an ethereal (hence the artist name, I guess) feel to it instead of just being noise, noise and more noise.


As I’m listening, I’m imagining sitting in a garden on a warm Summer’s day, wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, happy voices drifting through the air and heat on my face. Maybe if I play Etherwood’s music every single day, there will be an eternal Summer…

Here’s a preview of “Begin By Letting Go” from the eponymous debut album:

If you like what you hear, pop along to iTunes and grab the album for all of £6.99!

Thanks for listening to today’s recommendations, I hope you’ve enjoyed at least some, or hopefully all of it! Happy Sunday to you all!


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