New Music Releases w/c 30th March 2015

On go the relentless offerings of new music…


Circa Waves are releasing their debut album, “Young Chasers”. Thrilling, rousing tunes that make me think of being a teenager again! It’s not groundbreaking music, but it is carefree and energetic, which bodes well for their future! They’re touring in April, so get along to see them if you can!

After a 48 year gap, The Sonics are well and truly back with their new album “This is The Sonics“. Nostalgic but not in that horribly obvious way, playful without being stupid, and an abundance of zeal. This is a great example of how to pick up where you left off nearly half a century ago, without skipping a beat! Nice one, guys!

Finally, Lower Dens bring us another beauty of an album this week, in the form of “Escape from Evil“. Dreamy, cohesive, intoxicating music accompanied by rich, eloquent, sultry vocals (think Stevie Nicks crossed with Anna Calvi). This is an absolute aural pleasure.

Other new releases this week:

Polar Bear – Same as You

Fort Romeau – Insides

Marching Church – The World is Not Enough

Ryley Walker – Primrose Green

Hannah Cohen – Pleasure Boy

The Soft Moon – Deeper

Only Real – Jerk at the End of the Line

Madeon – Adventure

The Tamborines – Sea of Murmur

Godspeed You! Black Emporer – Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

Ringo Starr – Postcards from Paradise

Death Cab For Cutie – Kintsugi

Album review: Lightning Bolt – Fantasy Empire

Part one of Noise Wars featured Slaves, and since then I’ve been wondering when something would come along to rival their feistiness!

Lightning Bolt

Today, I think I’ve stumbled across a suitable contender, going by the name of underground rock band Lightning Bolt.

These guys aren’t new to the scene, having been around for 20 or so years. However, after a bit of a recording break they have just released their first album in five years, Fantasy Empire, and are about to embark on a long US tour before (hopefully for us!) venturing to Europe.

Lightning Bolt 1

From the furious pummelling of the drums to the distorted, virtually incomprehensible vocals, this is cathartic noise and there’s no disputing it! There’s no horrible editing or processing with this band – it almost feels like I’m listening to them live, with the unbridled rawness vigorously transmitting through to the very core.

Lightning Bolt 2

I suggest you have a listen…

You can keep up to date with Lightning Bolt via their website or Thrill Jockey Records.

New Releases w/c 23rd March 2015

RealityNew music releases for the week to come:

Clark – Flame Rave (EP)

Jam City – Dream a Garden

Chilly Gonzales – Chambers

Laura Marling – Short Movie

Geographer – Ghost Modern

Portico – Living Fields

Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit

Big Data – 2

Hudson Taylor – Singing for Strangers

Benjamin Clementine – At Least for Now

The Staves – If I Was

Action Bronson – Mr Wonderful

The Cribs – For All My Sisters

Liturgy – The Ark Work

James Bay – Chaos and the Calm

Errors – Lease of Life

LoneLady – Hinterland

Scuba – Claustrophobia

The Go! Team – The Scene Between

New Music Releases w/c 16th March 2015

Another week, another load of music recommendations for your delectation!

music on

Bursting into action this week with Aussie band Wet Blankets who are releasing their debut album, “Rise of the Wet Blankets”. These guys do not mess around – the album is 11 songs but only 18 minutes’ long! It’s being released on vinyl only, & has no cover art – all about the music, it seems! That’s no bad thing. The music itself is rowdy and feral, but there is also a certain warmth – this band engage their audience & bring a humour to their music within the delivery of it. Listen now, jump up & down like a mad thing, shout about it, but most of all buy the record – it’s limited to 500 copies worldwide, so get on with it!!

Next up this week is the 13th album from Nebraskan singer Simon Joyner, “Green, Branch & Bone“. This is a man who has been an inspiration to Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst has nothing but lovely words to say about him), and has worked with the likes of The Mountain Goats and Smog. Indeed, he is frequently likened to Bill Callahan in style. Joyner is a melancholic poet. His vocals are imperfect. His music is dark, fragile and mellow. If you like Leonard Cohen, you’ll like him. Check it out…

Inventions is a collaboration between Mark T Smith of Explosions in the Sky and Matthew Cooper, who is more commonly known as Eluvium. The melding of ambience and experimental prog-rock could easily have gone horribly wrong, but they proved they could make it work in 2013 when they released their eponymous debut as part of the Inventions project. Now they’re due to release “Maze of Woods“, and they set out with “Escapers” by stating “I wanted to do something that I don’t know how to do”. I LOVE that. Now I have something to say which you’ve no doubt heard before: “Where words fail, music speaks.” Listen…

Other new music releases this week are…

Nic Hessler – Soft Connections

Sam Lee – The Fade in Time

Tobias Jesso Jr. – Goon

Olafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott – The Chopin Project

Will Butler – Policy

Twin Shadow – Eclipse

Glen Hansard – It Was Triumph We Once Proposed (EP)

Modest Mouse – Strangers to Ourselves


Dots Jukebox: “Clouds” 14th March 2015



Artist Song Suggested by
Philip Glass Cloudscape @iancpeacock @nobrightside
Kate Bush Cloudbusting @colinebbrell @eddiesmate1 @rellufevad
Pere Ubu Cloud 149 @thesweetcheat @ladyofsonnets66
Tori Amos Cloud on My Tongue @substandardnerd
E.L.O. Above the Clouds @newky_brown
George Harrison Cloud 9 @instantkarma80
Pink Floyd Cirrus Minor @vinylvictim
Julian Cope I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud @contra_flow
Stars of the Lid Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage @lippykidmusic
The Wake Clouds Disco @slowthrills @myrtleleaf
We All Together Cloudy Night @chasethegroove
Frazier Chorus Cloud 8 @maffrj @boxofpeppers
XTC You and the Clouds Will Still be Beautiful @riverboatcapt
The Orb Little Fluffy Clouds @damjef @matthewmoloney @liescov @captain_parsnip @serendipitymaz
Darwin Deez Up in the Clouds @hertfordsoul
808 State Nimbus @indieover40
Errors Cloud Chamber @flintsghost
Moon Duo In a Cloud @mixless
Space Dark Clouds @hollowmandan @jacobs_ladder71
The Go Betweens Clouds @darrenmjones
RAH Band Clouds Across the Moon @rosbif65 @vapple78 @jason_dobson
The Verve Stormy Clouds @1howardwalker @neilc79
Beulah Silver Lining @recrwplay
Super Furry Animals Cloudberries @colinbov @heliumdelirium
The Wave Pictures Red Cloud Road Part 2 @richard0x4a
Wolf Parade Cloud Shadow on the Mountain @thealbumwall
Liars Houseclouds @davidkbruce
Paul Weller Above the Clouds @stamfordcowboy @miss_amandabee @colinb65
Temptations Cloud Nine @skylarkingmatt @durutti74
Rolling Stones Get Off of My Cloud @scan4lessinfo @staffs77

New Music Releases w/c 9th March 2015

music head

Welcome to a brand new week and my top five choices of music releases for the week ahead! I hope you find something you like, nay, love here! Part with some cash, I dare you… 😉

The other day, I stumbled across some sounds that quickly turned out to be the musical version of Pringles – you know, once you pop, you just can’t stop! Fyfe (AKA Paul Dixon, formerly David’s Lyre) is set to release his debut album, “Control“. The 24 year old has put together a group of songs which demonstrate his ability to meld varied vocal harmonies with experimental electronica techniques. From behind his painted mask, he delights, inspires and challenges the senses all at once.

If you’re feeling the need to listen to something tender, captivating and intimate, then look no further than Yowler‘s new album “The Offer“. Perhaps better known as Maryn Jones from All Dogs, she’s now branching out to produce her own work. There’s a mystery to these songs – the pure, breathy vocals and dark, minimalist guitar sees to that, before you even get started on the introspective lyrics. I’ll be very interested to see where Maryn goes with this project in the future.

Charlie Cunningham is set to release his second EP, “Breather” this week. On the face of things, there’s a gentle buoyancy to this man’s music, but looking deeper there’s a flicker of pain reflected in his words and the tones of his voice. I almost feel he’s trying to suppress those feelings while he’s performing his songs, and can’t help wondering how it would sound if he didn’t hold back. Nevertheless, this is a charming, expressive EP and worthy of your time.

Direct, powerful, self-assured, euphoric. These are all words that I used to describe the music of Laura Welsh whilst listening to her debut solo album, “Soft Control“. The formulaic rise and fall of the music and lyrics are reminiscent of Florence and the Machine in style, but for me there’s an extra flourish within Laura’s delivery that I find intriguing and almost hypnotic. Have a listen for yourself…

Finally this week, I recommend you get the sounds of Lowell into your life. I chose her song, “The Bells”, as my Song of the Week this week, and feel it was much deserved. With her debut album “We Loved Her Dearly“, Lowell has a clear vision, and is attempting to execute it. She sings a lot about gender politics, and around her impassioned lyrics she places interwoven melodies and layered vocals. She’s not perfect – there is room for improvement here; occasionally I feel her vocals are everso slightly lazy, but maybe they’re intentionally slurred, what do I know?! However, what she does is provide a thought-provoking and simultaneously enjoyable group of songs to listen to.

Other new music releases this week:

Fences – Lesser Oceans

Yumi Zouma – II (EP)

Jeff the Brotherhood – Wasted on the Dream

Will Butler – Policy

Cancer Bats – Searching for Zero

Matthew E. White – Fresh Blood

Heems – Eat, Pray, Thug

Young Guv – Ripe 4 Luv

Evans the Death – Expect Delays

Cold War Kids – Hold My Home