Gig Review: Exodus, The Underworld, London, 24th June 2015

To say I was apprehensive about my attendance at an Exodus show is an understatement. It was to be the first experience I was to have of Thrash Metal in a live setting, and I was afraid not only of coming out in twenty million pieces but also that I simply wouldn’t like it. I had familiarised myself with their music and band history, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to witness!

The night commenced with London’s own The Heretic Order. Dressed in theatrical cloaks, masks and makeup, they prowled onto the stage in the dark to the strains of a haunting instrumental. This set the scene perfectly. They absolutely delivered on their claims to be a “classic metal sounding beast”, and the audience were totally on board from the start.

DSC_4135This is a band relatively new to the Metal arena, having formed in 2014, but they are gaining kudos and momentum in equal measure and are working very hard to prove themselves. Their debut album “All Hail the Order” is due for release on 25th September 2015, so be sure to check that one out!

DSC_4679The next band on stage was English Dogs, back on tour for the first time since their 2012 USA & Canada shows. However, they were last in the UK with 3/5ths of this lineup back in October of 1987, so this was a highly anticipated set of shows for an incredibly patient audience!

DSC_4757Following a devilish 60 second excerpt from the movie “Halloween”, English Dogs launched furiously into “Forward Into Battle” to start their half hour set.

DSC_4795Adie Bailey’s stentorian roar and innate ability to get the crowd involved, Gizz Butt’s unwaveringly nimble and insanely skilful guitar playing (he can do things with a guitar most musicians I know can only dream of), Spike’s superb balance of attack and control on the drums, Angus’s fervid execution of the bass lines, and Phil’s precise, robust guitar riffs provide an incredibly tight, unflinching array of songs which clearly gratifies and indulges a hungry audience. A superb return to action!

DSC_4854English Dogs have upcoming shows later this year in Dublin, Belfast, Norwich and Wakefield and with any luck that won’t be the last we hear of them!

DSC_4822Set List:

  • Forward Into Battle
  • The Final Conquest
  • Ultimate Sacrifice
  • Gorgonised
  • Ambassador of Fear
  • Wall of Steel
  • The Thing Will Arise
  • The Chase is On
  • Survival of the Fittest

Finally, it was time for Exodus. The crowd were chanting their name and throwing the horns around like there was no tomorrow – a good philosophy in my book.

DSC_4528This lineup of Exodus includes the welcome return of much loved, and arguably best, frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza. At one with the feverish, rabid crowd from the moment he stepped onto the stage, he proceeded to further secure their affection by simultaneously urging them to partake in “good, friendly, violent fun” but also to look after each other in the process.

DSC_5058From first to last, Exodus dispatched an epic helping of sonic assault, with a setlist spanning all albums including their latest “Blood In, Blood Out”. The only lament was the lack of songs from the “Fabulous Disaster” album, and the fact that “Last Act of Defiance” was saved for the Manchester show the night afterwards.

DSC_5202Tom Hunting’s relentless and adamant drum skills give Exodus a powerful advantage over lesser Thrash bands. Bass player Jack Gibson swaggered around the stage like a demented General Custer, all without dropping a single note. Guitarist Lee Altus fixed his wide eyed stare on audience members from behind his dark mane, and seemingly effortlessly played through fifteen of the most intense, intricate songs I’ve ever heard. The Gary Holt shaped hole (he’s on tour with Slayer) was expertly filled by the rather excellent Kragen Lum of Heathen.

DSC_5133A highlight of the set for me was “A Lesson in Violence”, which became even more brutal than usual when English Dogs guitar virtuoso Gizz Butt was invited onto stage, adding an extra lashing of prowess into the musical inferno.

DSC_5158The confined circle pits moving in a clockwise motion around The Underworld’s central ceiling pillar and constantly rolling tide of crowd surfers and stage divers only served to add to the glorious spectacle that is an Exodus show.

DSC_4874My conclusion following this live music experience is that people who listen to “ordinary”, or “mainstream” forms of music should at some point in their lives experience a full on Bay Area Thrash Metal show, to fully appreciate the extreme levels of skill, personality, comradeship, and head crushing, ear-bending power that is peculiar to this form of heavy metal.

DSC_5087Set List:

  • Black 13
  • Blood In, Blood Out
  • Iconoclasm
  • Children of a Worthless God (Preceded by ‘Raining Blood’/’ Indians’ tease)
  • Piranha
  • Salt the Wound
  • Pleasures of the Flesh
  • Body Harvest
  • Metal Command
  • Blacklist
  • A Lesson in Violence (With Gizz Butt from English Dogs)
  • Bonded by Blood
  • Encore:
  • War Is My Shepherd
  • The Toxic Waltz
  • Strike of the Beast

All photos used in this review are property of and copyright to Fi Stimpson / Music vs. The World. Please do not use any image without prior permission. Thank you!

New Music Releases w/c 29th June 2015

Music-Blog-List-LogoNew music releases this week are as follows:

Jaill – Brain Cream

Miguel – Wildheart

The Hussy – Galore

Alden Penner – Canada in Space (EP)

Lady Bones – Dying

Vince Staples – Summertime ’06

Fraser A. Gorman – Slow Gum

LA Priest – Inji

Refused – Freedom

Richard Thompson – Still

Failure – The Heart is a Monster

Matt Pond PA – The State of Gold

Dots Jukebox & a message from me: “Opportunities” 19th June 2015


Hello, lovely people…

This is the last ever Dots Jukebox hosted by myself. I have a lot going on these days which need my focus (pun entirely intended), and something had to give. I have thoroughly enjoyed compiling these playlists and interacting with you all on twitter – it’s been eye opening, educational and a huge amount of fun! Overall, it’s been about the music which is, as we all know, EVERYTHING.

Thank you SO much to everyone who has ever suggested a song, favourited or retweeted the revealed choices and eventual blog posts & who loves music (old and new) as much as I do. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but at times this silly old music night of mine has been a lifeline, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I’m not disappearing completely, so I’m sorry but you’re stuck with me, and future blog posts will hopefully come thick and fast if everything goes according to plan! If it doesn’t go to plan, then I’m sure I’ll find something to talk about!

Love to all. Fi.

x x x


Band Song Suggested by
XTC Standing in for Joe @riverboatcapt
Bloc Party One More Chance
Pet Shop Boys Opportunities @call_me_cynical @skylarkingmatt @matthewmoloney @staffs77
Roxy Music Take a Chance With Me
Talk Talk Life’s What You Make It @carldogwalker
Kate Bush Them Heavy People @substandardnerd
Elvis Costello Opportunity @skylarkingmatt @anenglishoak @beatcitytone @ladyofsonnets66
Empire of the Sun Walking on a Dream
Eminem Lose Yourself @lindy_lou2 @antmeals
The Clash Career Opportunities @speedofsounduk @tvermar @instantkarma80 @skylarkingmatt
Queens of the Stone Age Go With the Flow @danthompson78
Athlete Chances
The Charlatans Opportunity Three @pineapplehurts
You Say Party! We Say Die! Opportunity @anenglishoak
The Cribs Summer of Chances @jonesrl86
Blur The Universal @adycolclough
Nick Drake Rider on the Wheel @richard0x4a
Hall & Oates Missed Opportunity @tvermar
Sly & Family Stone Everyday People @kedwondo
China Drum Last Chance @guitartutorrich
The Pogues Thousands are Sailing (Land of Opportunities) @antmeals
Lou Reed Men of Good Fortune @chasethegroove
Fairport Convention One More Chance @rosbif65
Sharon Van Etten Taking Chances
Richie Havens No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed @tvermar
Steve Winwood While You See a Chance @amcyoung
No Fun At All Invitation @guitartutorrich
Another Sunny Day I Don’t Suppose I’ll Get a Second Chance @rich_w27
Ian Dury and The Blockheads What a Waste @sarflondonbwoy
Queen Don’t Stop Me Now

New Releases w/c 22nd June 2015

New MusicNew releases for the coming week are…

Cayucas – Dancing at the Blue Lagoon

High on Fire – Luminiferous

Leon Bridges – Coming Home

Breaking Benjamin – Dark Before Dawn

Desaparecidos – Payola

Son Lux – Bones

Lindemann – Skills in Pills

Creepoid – Cemetery Highrise Slum

Kacey Musgraves – Pageant Material

Wolf Alice – My Love is Cool

Everything Everything – Get to Heaven

The Orb – Moonbuilding


Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival 2015 – A Magna-ificent Event in the City! @BoroBeerFest

PBF logo

In just under 10 weeks’ time Peterborough CAMRA will be hosting the 38th annual beer festival. The dates for this year’s event are Tuesday 25th – Saturday 29th August.

The theme of this year’s logo is the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, which is being celebrated by events across the country with June 15th being declared Beer Day Britain. In fact, beer drinkers should all raise a glass to this important historic charter as Clause 35 declared:

“Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely ‘the London quarter’”

Held in 3 huge marquees on the River Nene Embankment, the Peterborough Beer Festival proudly displays one of the largest selections of real ale anywhere in the country. Last year, over 420 different cask beers were on sale from over 170 brewers. A huge range of foreign bottled beers, and UK produced wine, cider and perries are also available and as always the Escape Bar provides the soft drinks.

This organisers are currently in the process of selecting and sourcing all the beer for the festival and a provisional list will be posted on the Peterborough CAMRA website from July onwards. This will, once again, include a number of festival specials that are brewed specifically for the Peterborough festival. An exclusive collaboration ale with a well-known brewer and Peterborough CAMRA will also feature at this year’s festival – details are still top secret! Previous years have seen beers brewed in conjunction with Hand Drawn Monkey (Huddersfield) /Bexar County (Peterborough), Hopshackle of Market Deeping and Brewsters of Grantham.

The layout is set to remain the same as in previous years with a “horseshoe” style walk-around enabling access from either side of the marquees. Cask ales are laid out alphabetically by brewery from the main entrance side allowing easy cross-referencing against beer lists in the festival programme. The popular ‘Singles’ bar is back in 2015 – the bar where only one cask of a particular brew is available. Bottled beer, cider and wine each have their own separate bar and are staffed by volunteers who have specific knowledge of these products and can answer questions about styles and tastes.

Key Facts and Figures about the Peterborough Beer Festival:

  • Up to 30,000 visitors every year
  • Open all day from Wednesday
  • Real ales – over 90,000 pints sold; an average of 3 pints per visitor per session
  • Bottles sold – 10,500 bottles of world beers sourced from 10 different countries
  • Last year 21 festival special beers and 43 new breweries represented
  • Cider – over 13,000 pints sold
  • Over 15,000 glasses used
  • Staffed by over 300 CAMRA volunteers from across the UK
  • 1,500 metres of fencing around the site
  • Over £1/4M raised for the RNLI at the festival since 1989

Live music in 2015

As always, live music features every day at the Peterborough Beer Festival. Here is a complete programme of events:

Tuesday 25th August:

Wednesday 26th August:

  • 8pm Grumpy Old Men (1960’s to present day rock and pop from a group of musicians who still like to behave like teenagers)

Thursday 27th August:

  • 7.30pm The Stringlers (chart topping tunes from an all-female string quartet who have a passion for music from just about every genre)
  • 9.15pm The Expletives (exciting punk / new-wave covers “delivered with energy, fire and skill) Music vs. The World has been to many of their gigs – here’s a review!

Friday 28th August:

  • 4pm Palmerston Ukulele Band (not just the house band at the Palmy anymore, the PUB, as they are affectionately known, after their first gig at PBF 2 years ago are now in demand everywhere they go!)
  • 7.30pm The Dizzy Miss Lizzys (Led by Peterborough’s own guitar virtuoso Gizz Butt, this top class rock n roll outfit will get everyone on their feet singing and dancing along. Fact. Music vs. The World wholeheartedly agrees!!)
  • 9.15pm The Activators (On the back of playing numerous European gigs and festivals. this 10 piece rock/ska/reggae/world music band are ready to entertain you)

Saturday 29th August:

  • 2pm Doug Heath (soulful lyrics and intricate guitar playing from this local singer-songwriter)
  • 3pm The Lartey Sisters (Beautiful songs crafted by two siblings who have recently been in the studio with that well known Cockney Rebel, Steve Harley)
  • 4pm Nick Corney and the Buzz Rats (Let Nick and the band take your ears on a musical rollercoaster as they play out original songs from their impressive set)
  • 5pm Lone Groover (One man and his guitar. Add in folk, punk and Americana and you have classic songs of beauty, protest and passion)
  • 7.30 pm Tin Pigeons (Last year this indie folk band absolutely conquered the stage at PBF. This year they are back even bigger and better. Not bad for four lads who only started the band at school 4 years ago!) Music vs. The World says: I saw these lads busking in Stamford a couple of years back, and they are truly brilliant!!!
  • 9pm The Replicas (After a two and a half year break this much-loved band are back on the live scene. Taking in Ska/Punk/Indie/Northern Soul the Replicas are a band for everyone and not to be missed)

Times and Prices

Tuesday 25th August* 5.30pm – 11pm £5.00
*Trade-Only session starts at 3pm
Wednesday 26th August Noon – 3pm £2.00
3pm – 11pm £5.00
Thursday 27th August Noon – 3pm £2.00
3pm – 11pm £6.00
Friday 28th August Noon – 3pm £2.00
3pm – 11pm £6.00
Saturday 29th August Noon – 3pm £2.00
3pm – 11pm £6.00


Tuesday 25th: £3

Weds 26th – Sat 29th: before 3pm £1 / after 3pm £3

Pass outs are available after 5pm.

Peterborough Beer Festival is staffed entirely by unpaid CAMRA volunteers many of whom travel from all over the country to take part. A core Festival Committee work months in advance to plan, organise and deliver the annual 5 day event.

CAMRA logoCAMRA is a non-commercial organisation and the Peterborough Beer Festival is an expensive event to host. Each year we offer sponsorship opportunities for you to promote your business at the festival and these start at only £100. If you would like to know more please contact our sponsorship manager Kevin Fordham on 07933 397767 or send an email to – Music vs. The World is sponsoring a barrel of beer – go seek it out and try it!!

CAMRA logo 2For up to date information on all aspects of the Festival including beer lists, prices, advance programmes and much more please visit the official website. You can also follow the Festival on Twitter and on Facebook where you can leave your comments and also receive information on the latest news.

I hope to see you all there – watch this space for reviews and photos from the weekend’s fun and frolics!

Festival announcement: Extonbury, 18th July 2015

Extonbury logoThe 9th Extonbury Rock & Folk Festival will take place on Saturday 18 July in the paddock at the rear of the Fox & Hounds Public House, Exton.

This is a truly family friendly charity festival with craft stalls featuring hand made jewellery, soaps, oriental goods, African artworks, portraits, paper goods, aloe vera products and handbags. Food and drink will include a fantastic barbecue, picnics and superb beers and wines from Rochelle, new owner of the refurbished Fox & Hounds.

All this and music too! This year we have ten great bands, all giving up their time & talents for free in aid of our causes. Here’s the line-up:

1.00 pm: HEISENBERG – New Rutland / Lincs band playing a great mix of rock & roll, southern boogie, blues & a bit of pop.

Heisenberg2.00 pm: THE LOUNGE ACOUSTIC – An acoustic set from Dan & Paul of legendary local rock band The Lounge.

3.00 pm: CROOKED SMILE – Leicester based 5 piece welding guitar, mandolin & fiddle to tight bass & drums. Americana meets folk via rock!

Crooked Smile4.00 pm: OUT OF THE BLUE – Hard rocking acoustic band with fabulous harmonies.

Out of the Blue5.00 pm: TRES HOMBRES – Dynamic Exton / Leicester power trio with powerful blues & rock performance.

6.00 pm: THE EXTONES – Exton’s own band with the best in festival rock from Woodstock to Glastonbury.

The Extones7.00 pm: TRIGGER’S BROOM – Massively experienced blues / rock trio likely to play anything from Cream to Hendrix to Ten Years After

8.00 pm: THE REASON – Powerful & edgy 5 piece blending classic indie, rock & pop tunes from U2, Coldplay, Clapton, Queen and many more.

9.00 pm: LAUGHTON’S LAST STAND – Good time rock & roll from the sixties hit maker himself!

10.00 pm (HEADLINE ACT): INFERNO – Dance out the night with the best funk / soul outfit in the East Midlands!

InfernoThroughout the day there will be a raffle for some great prizes, and an auction for a racing catamaran experience on Rutland Water. All net proceeds will go to local causes. In the past, Extonbury proceeds have gone to the Rutland Air Ambulance, The Circulation Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Prostate Cancer UK. This year, proceeds will be donated to causes within the village of Exton including the Pensioners’ Christmas Fund, Playground Action Group and village hall redevelopment.

Tickets are just £8 in advance or £10 on the gate with children 12 and under free. Gates open at 12.00 noon. For more information visit or call the hotline on 07710 459655.

New Music Releases w/c 15th June 2015

1607617This week’s new music releases…

Active Child – Mercy

Cold Cave – Full Cold Moon

Dave Monks – All Signs Point to Yes

Hudson Mohawke – Lantern

Mates of State – You’re Going to Make It (EP)

Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Ryn Weaver – The Fool

Fucked Up – Year of the Hare (EP)

Heartless Bastards – Restless Ones

Giorgio Moroder – Déjà Vu

Everything Everything – Get to Heaven

Christopher Paul Stelling – Labor Against Waste

Neil Young and Promise of the Real – The Monsanto Years

Status Quo, Burghley Park, Stamford, 6th June 2015

The grounds of Burghley House, Stamford, are usually rather a peaceful, tranquil place to be. Locals generally visit to walk their dogs, take their children to the excellent Gardens of Surprise or to relax and enjoy a pleasant lunch overlooking the beautifully landscaped park.

That all changed on Saturday 6th June when Status Quo and their entourage came to town, and along with them some 10,000 people, each ready to sing and dance to their hearts’ content.

DSC_3757It was a beautiful sunny day, and as the evening wore on people were relaxed, happy and many were starting to get tipsy from the various drinks consumed along with their picnics (some of which put my idea of alfresco eating to shame!).

At 7.45pm, the support act, Walkway, made their entrance. From Diss in Norfolk, these guys have previously supported The Darkness and Black Stone Cherry, and were asked by special invitation to join Status Quo at their three stately home gigs. That’s quite something for an as yet unsigned band (I’m sure they won’t remain unsigned for very long…!).

DSC_3348I was impressed by the energy, charisma, and talent that exuded from these guys – they were obviously loving being on that stage, and weren’t at all fazed by the thousands of people in front of them. In fact, they fed off it in exactly the way any decent band should! Heavily influenced by Classic Rock music, they also dropped in a couple of nice Rock ballads for good measure. The crowd enjoyed what they were hearing even though they didn’t know the songs, and to me that bodes well – no doubt they’ve got a few new “likes” on their facebook page today!

DSC_3351Walkway’s albums “Top Shelf Content” and “Streetwise” are available to buy via the band’s official website, and you can catch them live (this band isn’t afraid of gigging a lot!) in a town near you.

DSC_3380During the break, the anticipation was building within the crowd – everyone was excited to witness Status Quo, a band who have sold 130 million albums worldwide over their 50 years (in the case of Rossi and Parfitt) together. For the people of a small town on the edge of Lincolnshire, this was most definitely one that couldn’t be missed!

DSC_3455The well-known “Quo-ohh-ohh-oh-oh” chant was increasing in volume, and finally we had to wait no more – on strode Rick Parfitt, Francis Rossi, John “Rhino” Edwards (bass), Andy Bown (keys) and the superb recent addition, 36 year old drummer Leon Cave (drums).

DSC_3563Rapturous cheers, jubilant whoops and uproarious applause continued as the familiar sounds of “Caroline” began. From the onset, the crowd was dancing and singing, and the band was responding to this in kind by interacting with the audience and each other. It was hard to tell who was having the most fun, if I’m honest!

DSC_3519The verve and enthusiasm didn’t wane throughout the entire night’s entertainment, which was chock full of classic Quo tracks from “Something ‘bout You Baby I Like” to “Big Fat Mama” to “Down Down” and “Rockin’ All Over the World”. The set was further punctuated with Parfitt’s more soulful vocals on “Rain”, the ever wonderful “Proposin’ Medley” (which includes one of my favourites, “Wild Side of Life”) and, to the apparent delight of those I was there with, the most excellent “Hold You Back”.

DSC_3562Status Quo is a band who does what they love to do in front of people who are equally as passionate about the music. They just can’t help but perform – it’s in their very make up, and I reckon they will (probably literally, according to Rossi) rock til they drop! With such an immense gigging history and musical back catalogue, you’d be hard pushed to find a band who are still getting out there after all this time with such vigour and passion and who continue to pull in huge audiences who are crazy for what they do!

DSC_3529 If you missed the gig last night, fear not as Quo have a whole load of upcoming shows this year, including Hatfield House and Royal Highland Showground in Edinburgh and culminating in an eleven date UK tour from the end of November to mid December. You can also grab their Aquostic – Stripped Bare album – it’s certainly an eye opener, for the cover photo if nothing else!

DSC_3553Now, please excuse me as I’m still on a gig high so am going to work off this continued adrenaline rush to the sounds my well-used copy of Rockin’ All Over the World!

All photos by and copyright to Fi Stimpson AKA Music vs. The World. Please do not use any image without prior permission. Thank you.

New Music Releases w/c 8th June 2015


New releases this week are…

No Joy – More Faithful

Seoul – I Become a Shade

Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, Girl

Prinzhorn Dance School – Home Economics

Pins – Wild Nights

Jack + Eliza – Gentle Warnings

Of Monsters and Men – Beneath the Skin

FFS (Franz Ferdinand and Sparks) – FFS

Sharon Van Etten – I Don’t Want to Let You Down

Muse – Drones