Dotty View: The Speed of Sound

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear a merger between Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Lou Reed? Well, wonder no more! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Speed of Sound.


Progressivepunkbluesrock, although a completely made up word, is my new favourite genre!

The vocals are dark and melancholy – they have an intense quality that makes me stop everything I’m doing and just listen. The music surrounding the words pulls me along like a tide, making me drift away from reality without even feeling that I have an option. I guess this is what it felt like to be around in the ’60s! I always felt I was born in the wrong era!


The Speed of Sound have a definitive sound for these times. Not many people touch Blues or Punk nowadays, let alone anything vaguely Prog, whatever other genre it’s attached to! I don’t know why – I guess people think it’s had it’s time, but not me. I think it’s great. More, please!

Right, I am in serious danger of gushing here, and because I wouldn’t want you thinking I’m a sycophant (er, because I’m definitely not!), I’m just going to link up some of The Speed of Sound’s songs, and hope that you enjoy as much as I do! Go!

Girl on the Roof (my favourite!):



Ghosts of Grytviken (dig those dirty guitars!):



Checkpoint Charlie (that bass, man!):



You can contact and listen to The Speed of Sound in the following zones:








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