Dots Recommends: Dron Hill, Kisscut and The Dutch Solo Mouses

Welcome to Music Monday, and for coming to hear my three recommendations for this week…

First up, I bring you Dron Hill. Hailing from Bridport, Dorset, this duo favour dreamy, lilting, occasionally electronic tunes with musing, soulful vocals. Their newest track, “Stay”, was released on 14th March. It’s completely gorgeous. Wrap your ears around it here and now!





Dron Hill

My second recommendation for today is Kisscut. He began making music when he was about 13 years old, and says he’s influenced by Eminem, Jay-Z and Blink-182. An eclectic mix indeed! Today, he’s released his new single, “Reflecting”, which is from the “Woman in Red” EP. An instrumental track, it conjures up an image of what Moby and Mint Royale would be like if they worked together. It’s quite a simple tune, but I love the beat, and the hook. Works for me!




Finally for today, I give you Blues Rock band The Dutch Solo Mouses. They released their debut album last month, and I have got around to listening to it, at last! They’re a group of good friends who spent a lot of time in other bands, and have now combined their resources to push this album out. They’ve got a definite style of their own, and they play with confidence. If I’m to be slightly critical, I would say that I’d like to hear more along the lines of my favourite track, “Boilermaker”. It’s the strongest song on the album, for me, but then I’m a self-confessed Blues lover, and that’s what this song is. Have a listen, and decide for yourself!




Thanks for listening to my choices today, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them! More next week!


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