Peterborough Beer Fest: Focus on… Palmerston Ukulele Band @borobeerfest

This year’s Peterborough Beer Fest kicks off on Tuesday 25th August with a trade session, opening up to the public afterwards with an open mic night for those staying into the evening.

By now, you’ll have already consumed copious amounts of beer and witnessed some brilliant live music for three nights running… and you’re probably feeling the effects, too!

palmy-uke-band-2(Image courtesy of the band’s official website.)

Well, if you’re running low on those energy levels, I know of a band who will kickstart them again. They go by the name of Palmerston Ukulele Band. Every Thursday, a dozen or so ukulele players get together at The Palmerston Arms in Peterborough to rehearse and simultaneously entertain the pub’s regulars.

They perform feel good songs from 50s hits to country to pop – here’s a little taster of what they do:

This lovely lot will be on stage on Friday 28th August from 4pm to 5.30pm, so get along with your dancing shoes on and singing voices firmly intact – you’ll have a ball!


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