New Music Releases w/c 16th February 2015


Welcome to another week of new music! With no further ado, here’s what you can get your hands on this week…!

Badbadnotgood has teamed up with Ghostface Killah again to produce an entire album together, “Sour Soul“, following their collaborative success on 2014 single “Six Degrees”. This hotly anticipated album does not disappoint – with a mix of styles, attitudes and influences, this was bound to be something deemed pretty special. Ghostface delivers his urgent, unrelenting rhymes alongside hazy jazz/hip hop music to create a futuristic vibe. They’re in tune with each other, and this provides a most pleasurable listening experience.

Next up is someone whose music is a bit of a departure for me. Suzanne Sundfør‘s vocals bring to mind a mix between Kate Bush, Madonna and Stevie Nicks, and she couples that voice with modern electro-pop. Her new album, “Ten Love Songs” is so close to being a mainstream commercial product, but is somehow quite distant at the same time. Sundfør has chosen a difficult genre, inasmuch as it’s been tried and tested, but her unique touch  will hopefully set her apart from those who are doing the same as we’ve heard before.

Ambient folk electronica. That’s how I’d describe Snow Ghosts. They’re on the verge of releasing their second album within 18 months, “A Wrecking“, and my goodness it is great. Strong, rousing, haunting vocals enhance dark, intimate, noisy, bizarre, droning, intriguing, beautiful music.

19 year old French-Cuban twins who go by the name of Ibeyi are scarily in tune with each other. No wonder they’ve decided to display their musical prowess in public! I’m going to let their music do the talking, as I occasionally do, but will just say I hope they keep up this momentum – it could be easy for such young people to lose the plot a bit. I’ve got a feeling these girls have it pretty sussed, though! Ones to watch, for sure. Check out their debut eponymous album here.

Lastly this week, I give to you S. Carey with his absolutely sublime EP, “Supermoon“. I am frequently drawn to piano music. When it’s intense and beautiful like this, it makes me feel indescribably emotional. There is no superflousness here. Every note means something. I can feel Carey’s heart and soul showing itself through his music. I like to ensure I make time in my world for people who have that ability.

Other music releases this week…

Carl Barat and The Jackals – Let it Reign

Marika Hackman – We Slept Last Night

OK Go – Hungry Ghosts

A Place To Bury Strangers – Transfixiation

Tropics – Rapture

Martin Callingham – Tonight, We All Swim Free

Imagine Dragons – Smoke and Mirrors

Idlewild – Everything Ever Written

The Amazing – Picture You

Jose Gonzalez – Vestiges & Claws


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