New Music Releases w/c 2nd March 2015

This week, I lost momentum whilst searching for new music to bring to you, and almost gave up trying. I decided to go back and listen to music I’ve blogged about so far this year and remembered how it made me feel when I stumbled across music I liked – and that’s what I needed to get me back in the mood! So without further ado, here are this week’s new releases:

music makes the world go round

I think it’s fair to say Ghostpoet is becoming pretty well known now, and I’d normally focus on musicians or bands who aren’t, but I couldn’t go into this week without mentioning the wonderful Obaro Ejimiwe, could I?! His 3rd album, “Shedding Skin” is out on 2nd March. He’s got a lot to live up to, and in my opinion is going from strength to strength. Raw, gritty, honest poetry in his trademark drawl interjected with song, and atmospheric, trip-hop type sounds are enhanced by guest vocalists such as Melanie De Biasio (who I adore) and Paul Smith of Maximo Park. Listen to the title track here…

Next up this week is the second album from a lovely guy I’ve followed on Twitter for a long time now, Tom Mitchell. I’ve had the absolute privilege of listening to “Stones” already. There’s a comfortable and beautiful familiarity to his songs – he manages to engage the listener, and then keeps them interested with his catchy hooks (I’m not talking fishing, exactly) and eloquent vocals. Have a listen to “Fifty Trees” and see if it happens to you, too!

Upping the tempo a bit now with the next offering from Portland’s own Moon Duo. “Shadow of the Sun” in no way disappoints, promising us the band’s signature psych rock in droves. They’ve given us a sneak preview in the form of “Animal”, an incessantly rousing track that delivers on style, content and fulfilment of the afore-mentioned promise. Wrap your needy ears around it right now…

“I don’t like country music” is a phrase I’ve heard a lot. I’m not a fan of general statements like that, although I have been guilty of them myself (“I don’t like garage or trance” is a particular favourite). So, people who really, truly don’t like it and are prepared to write off any music with a hint of a guitar twang, look away now. Andrew Combs is bringing out his new album this week, entitled “All These Dreams“, and I like it. OK, it kinda sticks to a standard formula, but it’s got a certain something that I can’t put my finger on – maybe it’s his obvious passion for what he does, I don’t know, but it’s on my recommendations list this week, whatever the reason. I’ve made a mental note to look him up when I eventually manage to make the trip to Nashville!

Lastly this week is the new album from LA based singer Soko, “My Dreams Dictate My Reality“. I like that premise – it sounds hopeful and positive. Having a good album title is a great start! After I made that decision, I pressed play on the first song on her Soundcloud page, “Who Wears the Pants?” and was immediately struck by her bold, carefree attitude and defiant, strong vocals. Clearly inspired by new-wave and punk, having something of a goth style, and wearing her heart firmly on her sleeve, this girl has it made, I reckon. People want music they can identify with, and Soko puts her life into her songs so much that listeners will warm to her and want more, more, more!

Other new releases this week are:

River City Extension – Deliverance

Vessels – Dilate

Eula – Wool Sucking

Au.Ra – Jane’s Lament

Karin Park – Apocalypse Pop

Clarence Clarity – No Now

Sasha Siem – Most of the Boys

Black Yaya – Black Yaya

Jeff Rosenstock – We Cool?

of Montreal – Aureate Gloom

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday

Swervedriver – I Wasn’t Born to Lose You

Purity Ring – Another Eternity