Gig Review: @WilkoJohnson at @CambridgeCornEx , 14th October 2016


There’s very little I can say about a Wilko Johnson gig that hasn’t already been said in the majority of reviews. We all know he’s returned from the brink, against all the odds, and is still going strong. We all know what an incredible musician and songwriter he is, both with Dr Feelgood and as a solo artist. We all know that his loyal band members Norman Watt-Roy and Dylan Howe have been chosen because they are faultless, have impressive stage presence and are exciting to listen to. I don’t really need to tell you any of that though, do I.


Sometimes, though, even knowing all of the details like those above can’t prepare you for attending a gig which culminates in everything being resolved in your mind, where you feel perfectly relaxed to be yourself and like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

First off, he selected a wonderful support act in the shape of Aaron Keylock, a young Blues Prog Rock guitarist and singer with his trusty bassist and drummer by his side.


I was blown away by this guy – he is seriously worth checking out. Here’s his new single “Against the Grain”:


Wilko with his wild duck walk, wild eyes and even wilder guitar playing, Norman’s bass solos that make you shiver both inside and out and Howe’s bombastic, full-bodied beat tightly melded together to form a musical force that got people rising from their seats to move every muscle, pore and follicle. A good old boogie-woogie to classic blues and rock n’ roll, and all is right with the world.


Video by Alien Outback on YouTube:

Until next time, “Bye Bye…”!



Dotty View: Plum Nellie

Plum Nellie drum

Plum Nellie are Sam Dean and Joe Glossop, who write and record music they love, inspired by great musicians from rock n roll, blues, soul, country, prog, and 60s pop backgrounds.

The first song I listened to was Let My Love In:

This song has a distinct Elvis Presley vibe about it – there’s something wonderfully simple about their music. I don’t think it’s easy to pull off a country blues style in this day and age. Some people might consider this to verge on the easy listening side of things, so I hope they aren’t judged by this one song, as I’m sure they are capable of proving those individuals wrong!

Plum Nellie both

Infact, they definitely are… Plum Nellie now have an EP on Soundcloud – four songs long, it shows exactly what they’re about.

Track one, Tomorrow (You’re On Your Own), is a fairly slow number, with gorgeous bluesy guitar,  and a voice that has without a doubt been inspired by Joe Cocker. A great start.

You Can’t Tell Me wouldn’t be out of place at a jive! It’s really fun, and the mixture of funky Hammond sounding keys really make the song. I love the end when it speeds right up – this would really get a crowd up on their feet and dancing! The all important gravelly vocals are still there, too.

The next song, I Can’t Believe You’re Leaving Me, is another ballad, but also encompasses a few “la la la” moments along with the general melancholy feel to the song – a mix you probably wouldn’t expect, but the country crossed with pop definitely works here.

Lastly is Call It What You Will, the start of which is very Johnny Cash! This is a great song which will make you click your fingers and nod your head, at the very least! Incidentally, there is the addition of a female vocal from the beautiful Georgia Black, who provides wonderful harmonies. I love this song – it’s my favourite from the EP.

I reckon there are loads of people out there who would agree with me about this band – Plum Nellie tackle genres that not many artists attempt these days, and what’s more, you can tell it comes naturally to them. They get kudos for that from me! Also, the fact that they are men with long hair, and at least one of them wears flares is A Good Thing, but that’s totally off topic!

Sam Hare, Plum Nellie's guitarist

Sam Hare, Plum Nellie’s guitarist


These guys are only just starting out, so give them a chance – I’m hoping they’ll get some gig dates sorted soon!