Dots Jukebox: “Return”, 29th October 2016

Elvis Presley – Return to Sender suggested by @staffs75

Dusty Springfield – Goin’ Back suggested by @skylarkingmatt

Jefferson Airplane – Comin’ Back to Me suggested by @instantkarma80

The Doobie Brothers – Toulouse Street suggested by @musicvstheworld

Eurythmics – It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back) suggested by @hungryhatter

McAlmont & Butler – Bring it Back suggested by @neilc79

U2 – A Sort of Homecoming suggested by @jamesoldham

Wire – On Returning suggested by @williemcalpine

Afghan Wings – I Keep Coming Back suggested by @_sandywishart

The Mighty Wah! – Come Back suggested by @durutti74

Half Man Half Biscuit – Paintball’s Coming Home suggested by @davidkbruce

Fugazi – Runaway Return suggested by @hodge_nufc

Nine Black Alps – Come Back Around suggested by @GLPNE73

Ash – Return of White Rabbit suggested by @hungryhatter

City and Colour – Lover Come Back suggested by @purpleink1310

Stone Roses – I Am the Resurrection suggested by @_indianajo

Embrace – Come Back to What You Know suggested by @anxiousflag

The Bluetones – Slight Return suggested by @_MM65_ @countessofgratz @miftin81

Thin Lizzy – The Boys are Back in Town suggested by @lindy_lou2

Jethro Tull – Home suggested by @musicvstheworld

Song of the Week:


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