Gig Review: @Wonk_Unit , The Viking Club, Corby, 25th June 2016

The intimacy of a D.I.Y. Punk show can’t be beaten, seeing such talent up close and personal with an audience of around 100 is simply awesome. Personally, I’ve never felt so comfortable at such a small gig. I have in the past felt overwhelmed being so close to the action, but Wonk Unit were so at ease with their own presence that I forgot how small the venue was and about my proximity to the band.


Alex is one of the most self-assured frontmen I’ve ever encountered – he is what he is, nothing hidden, nothing wasted. The man is a poet and proved as much when he recited Bricks to me as I was buying a t-shirt. With chops that were tighter than the locks on Edward Snowden’s window and a wit sharper than a papercut, he brought lashings of poetic humour into the entire show.


Guitarist Benny Banana’s hairstyle is fascinating. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it – so striking, like a London Punx version of the Hair Bear Bunch.


Favourite songs of the night were the mantra-like “Nan”, the staccato, spirited “Horses” and a punk anthem in the form of “Lewisham”.


These guys are a breath of fresh air. Brutally honest, switching between genres with the frequency that a bored kid changes TV channels, genuinely unique and hilarious without even trying to be. I have grown incredibly fond of Wonk Unit in a very short space of time.


Can’t wait to see you again soon, my friends.



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