Album review: Lust for Youth – “Compassion”. @Lust4Youth #MusicIsEverything

Lust for Youth – Compassion

Scrupulously clean synths with those fashionable in the 80s thick, suppressed vocals – think Dave Gahan, Jaz Coleman, Bernard Sumner… if that’s your thing, then maybe, just maybe, Lust for Youth will be right up your street.

With their new album “Compassion”, they somehow manage to fuse ambient, post-punk and dance music whilst simultaneously veer between feelings of ecstasy and melancholy.

Easing us into the album, “Stardom” is an effortless listen reminiscent of a time when music was shocking in its unprecedented uniqueness. This band is undeniably influenced by the likes of New Order and M83, and there are definite nods to these celebrated masters of all things electronica.

“Sudden Ambitions” feels delicate and weightless, but on the other hand is brooding and profound lyrically. The vocal layers are beautifully put together, and are positioned carefully amongst buoyant yet ethereal melodies.

The bewitching “Better Looking Brother” resonates with my every day thoughts, and the wistful tones of “Display” is a veritable pillar of strength.

“Compassion” is a single shining star on the darkest of nights.


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