Album Review -@rjbirkin – “Vigils” #MusicIsEverything #NewMusic

How to describe this new work of Richard J Birkin? My immediate thoughts were: sublime, blissful, spellbinding… almost other worldly.

It feels like an introspective view is being shared on “Vigils”. There’s a certain reluctance, I think – like he’s grasped some of his thoughts in his fists and can’t quite bring himself to reveal them. However, there’s an elegance and finesse to this music that some people have spent a lifetime trying to fulfil, and not quite been able to secure.

It’s all too easy to make comparisons to the music of people Birkin has collaborated with in the past, especially because he’s absolutely found his own level, and is displaying his own intimate musings rather than anyone else’s. Of course, he is no doubt influenced by individuals such as Nils Frahm, but to scrutinise that any further would be to err, in my opinion.

In essence, this record is engaging, resplendent, exquisite and utterly breathtaking.

Take a listen for yourself…

Richard J Birkin is on twitter and facebook, and you can keep up with events on his website.


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