Album review: @thecatempire – “Rising with the Sun” #MusicIsEverything #NewMusic

The first and only time I saw The Cat Empire live, I was struck by the spirit emanating from the crowd and the band alike. Ever been to Notting Hill Carnival? It’s better than that – by miles and miles.

Now, this vivacious, animated band from Aus have today released their seventh album, “Rising with the Sun”, and currently on a tour which will hit the UK from the end of March through to mid-April.

TCE Tour

This album meets expectations by bringing all the fun of the fair, but also exceeds all hopes I thought possible. In addition to being joyful and lively, it’s thought provoking with multiple art references, an eclectic mix of genres and its dramatic statements.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love The Cat Empire any more, they wrote and recorded “Bataclan” for their new album. This is their response to the terror attacks in the Parisian venue where they have performed many times. Felix said “I will have to try not to cry when I sing it” – emotive indeed.

Rising with the Sun” is a simultaneously celebratory and poignant masterpiece. If you’ve never listened to The Cat Empire before, start here and then explore their back catalogue. You’ll need them to be part of your musical world. I guarantee it.

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