Album review: #Review Carter Tanton – Jettison the Valley #MusicIsEverything

You may not have heard of Carter Tanton – I certainly hadn’t until last weekend. I now feel this was terribly remiss of me, as it transpires that he’s worked as toured with notable artists such as The War on Drugs and Marissa Nadler. He has, in fact, been writing and singing his own music since the age of 15, and he released his debut album, “Freeclouds” in 2012.

He’s now on the verge of releasing his second album, “Jettison the Valley”, and has had some vocal help from old friend Marissa on the title track, and the wonderful Sharon Van Etten on the opening track, “Twentynine Palms” and later on “Through the Garden Gates”.

There’s a confidence and a freshness to Tanton’s music. He clearly knows very well the sound that suits him, and also senses when it’s a good time to add a twist in the tale or a nod to the past.

In essence, this music oozes an effortless charm, and conjures an image of vast space with a clear and stunning vista – a place you just want to exist within. Lovely.

You can buy the album on bandcamp, and follow Western Vinyl on twitter and facebook.


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