Album review: @Guerilla_Toss – Eraser Stargazer #MusicIsEverything

Guerilla Toss wear a mask of chaos which covers up deep thoughts, an intense self-awareness and in places surprisingly philosophical stance.

Doing their thing since 2012, and with a bit of a lineup change along the way, Guerilla Toss are bringing out their new album, “Eraser Stargazer”, this Friday.

Their “don’t give a damn” attitude is delivered via the frenzy of yelps and caterwauls of Carlson and the funked up garage punk music, with a slight jazz feel in places inasmuch as it’s pretty random!

guerillatoss eraserstargazer

At times, it kind of feels like there is a very slight loss of direction, but then they come out with a gem of a lyric or a colourful sound palette which makes it all get back on track. This is, to me, certainly apparent in “Diamond Girls”, which feels a little off beat to start with, but then a moment occurred in which the understated bass sounds came to the forefront of the tune before the delirious, spasmodic vocals and drums kicked in again, and I was drawn to the song in its entirety.

This band isn’t scared to be themselves, and that appeals to me. Their ex-guitarist Simon Hanes had a tendency to perform naked – I’ve only ever personally seen evidence of Iggy Pop doing that before!

Is this music unhinged, or genius? You decide. Whatever it is, I’m hypnotised.

You can buy Eraser Stargazer on bandcamp, and keep up with their relentless energetic activity on facebook and twitter.


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