New Music Releases 29th Jan 2016 #MusicIsEverything

Emil Bulls – Xx

Walking on Cars – Everything This Way

Black Tusk – Pillars of Ash

Milk Teeth – Vile Child

Seafret – Tell Me It’s Real

Florist – The Birds Outside Sang

Alex Da Ponte – All My Heart

Cian Nugent – Night Fiction

Night Beats – Who Sold My Generation

Walter Martin – Arts & Leisure

Blaue Blume – Syzygy

Ketser – Starless

St Lucia – Matter

Miranda Lee Richardson – Echoes of the Dreamtime

Basement – Promise Everything

Nevermen – Nevermen

Uxo – Uxo

Tuff Love – Resort

Cauldron – In Ruin

Wet – Don’t You

Harriet – American Appetite

Billion Dollar Babies – Chemical God

Wall of Death – Loveland

Sierra Hull – Weighted Mind

Money – Suicide Songs

The Crookes – Lucky Ones

Sia – This is Acting

Turin Brakes – Lost Property

Bloc Party – Hymns


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