New Music Releases 15th Jan 2016 #MusicIsEverything

Yorkston/Thorne/Khan – Everything Sacred

Pil & Blue – Forget the Past, Let’s Worry About the Future

Nive and The Deer Children – Feet First

Blues Karloff – Light and Shade

Garrett Klahn – Garrett Klahn

Wray – Hypatia

Show of Hands – The Long Way Home

Fuzz the World – Still Down After 20 Years

Caustic – Industrial Music

Lycus – Chasms

Johnny Gallagher – Six Day Hurricane

Classified – Greatful

Mortal Tides – Light In/Light Out

Swaying Wires – I Left a House Burning

The Lumberjack Feedback – Blackened Visions

Dear Delusion – Sleep of Reason

Brothers Osborne – Pawn Shop

Franz White – Words Cannot Tell

Rhapsody of Fire – Into the Legend

Brainstorm – Scary Creatures

LSD and the Search for God – Heaven is a Place (EP)

Dylan LeBlanc – A Cautionary Tale

The Temperance Movement – White Bear

Daughter – Not to Disappear

Skunk Anansie – Anarchytecture

Mystery Jets – Curve of the Earth

Panic! At the Disco – Death of a Bachelor

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