Peterborough Beer Fest: Focus on… The Tin Pigeons @borobeerfest

This year’s Peterborough Beer Fest kicks off on Tuesday 25th August with a trade session, opening up to the public afterwards with an open mic night for those staying into the evening.

The penultimate band on Saturday 29th August is one I’ve seen before when they were busking on Stamford’s High Street. The Tin Pigeons captured my attention then, and I’m very excited at the prospect of seeing them again!

Tin PigeonsPhotograph courtesy of the official Peterborough Beer Festival website.

Using traditional folk instruments such as a mandolin and a banjo enhances and authenticates this band’s indie-folk style, and produces a sound that will get your foot tapping and your head nodding at the very least!

They do a good mixture of original tunes and covers, and their own EP, “All’s Spent“, is currently available on iTunes. Have a listen to their song “Salinas” here… I particularly love those deep harmonies.

The Tin Pigeons will be on stage 7.30pm to 8.50pm – definitely one not to miss!!

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