Peterborough Beer Fest: Focus on… The Lartey Sisters @borobeerfest

This year’s Peterborough Beer Fest kicks off on Tuesday 25th August with a trade session, opening up to the public afterwards with an open mic night for those staying into the evening.

On Saturday 29th August from 3pm to 4pm, you’ll have the chance to see acoustic duo The Lartey Sisters.
Lartey Sisters
Head along, and you’ll hear a lovely set of self-written songs combining Faye’s accomplished acoustic guitar playing and Ashleigh’s songbird-like vocals. It sounds to me like a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
Have a listen to one of their songs right here…
A quick mention must go to Steve Harley, Robbie Gladwell and the late Lincoln Anderson (of Cockney Rebel fame) – Gladwell has for many years organised The Lartey Sisters shows, and the girls have had the amazing opportunity of recording with Lincoln Anderson as well as having a song, “Nobody’s Here”, produced by Steve Harley himself. Have a listen to the preview of said song right here!

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