Dots Jukebox & a message from me: “Opportunities” 19th June 2015


Hello, lovely people…

This is the last ever Dots Jukebox hosted by myself. I have a lot going on these days which need my focus (pun entirely intended), and something had to give. I have thoroughly enjoyed compiling these playlists and interacting with you all on twitter – it’s been eye opening, educational and a huge amount of fun! Overall, it’s been about the music which is, as we all know, EVERYTHING.

Thank you SO much to everyone who has ever suggested a song, favourited or retweeted the revealed choices and eventual blog posts & who loves music (old and new) as much as I do. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but at times this silly old music night of mine has been a lifeline, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I’m not disappearing completely, so I’m sorry but you’re stuck with me, and future blog posts will hopefully come thick and fast if everything goes according to plan! If it doesn’t go to plan, then I’m sure I’ll find something to talk about!

Love to all. Fi.

x x x


Band Song Suggested by
XTC Standing in for Joe @riverboatcapt
Bloc Party One More Chance
Pet Shop Boys Opportunities @call_me_cynical @skylarkingmatt @matthewmoloney @staffs77
Roxy Music Take a Chance With Me
Talk Talk Life’s What You Make It @carldogwalker
Kate Bush Them Heavy People @substandardnerd
Elvis Costello Opportunity @skylarkingmatt @anenglishoak @beatcitytone @ladyofsonnets66
Empire of the Sun Walking on a Dream
Eminem Lose Yourself @lindy_lou2 @antmeals
The Clash Career Opportunities @speedofsounduk @tvermar @instantkarma80 @skylarkingmatt
Queens of the Stone Age Go With the Flow @danthompson78
Athlete Chances
The Charlatans Opportunity Three @pineapplehurts
You Say Party! We Say Die! Opportunity @anenglishoak
The Cribs Summer of Chances @jonesrl86
Blur The Universal @adycolclough
Nick Drake Rider on the Wheel @richard0x4a
Hall & Oates Missed Opportunity @tvermar
Sly & Family Stone Everyday People @kedwondo
China Drum Last Chance @guitartutorrich
The Pogues Thousands are Sailing (Land of Opportunities) @antmeals
Lou Reed Men of Good Fortune @chasethegroove
Fairport Convention One More Chance @rosbif65
Sharon Van Etten Taking Chances
Richie Havens No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed @tvermar
Steve Winwood While You See a Chance @amcyoung
No Fun At All Invitation @guitartutorrich
Another Sunny Day I Don’t Suppose I’ll Get a Second Chance @rich_w27
Ian Dury and The Blockheads What a Waste @sarflondonbwoy
Queen Don’t Stop Me Now

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