Gig Review: The Dead Ringers’ (The Stranglers Tribute) Debut Gig, 22nd May 2015

This evening’s entertainment kicked off with The Expletives offering a veritable horde of classic late 70s Punk and New Wave tracks, which they performed with much aplomb.

By the time they reached their sweaty, ruddy-faced climax, the band had banged through sixteen belting tracks in short order.

DSC_2573Stand-out moments included Stiff Little Fingers’ “Suspect Device”, “Rockaway Beach” (The Ramones) and “Babylon’s Burning” by The Ruts.

I’m going to be watching these guys a lot in the future!

The Expletives are Sean (Vocals), Angus (Guitar), Joel (Bass) & Luke (Drums). Keep up to date with what they’re up to on facebook and twitter.

DSC_2681Looking suitably “Meninblack”, and with a particularly intimidating looking bass player (who had a high level of accuracy on the crucial bass lines), The Dead Ringers chopped out an essential set of Stranglers fare, with a few nice surprises and obscurities for good measure.

DSC_2718High points of the set were “London Lady”, “Hanging Around” and “Something Better Change”. As any fan of The Stranglers knows, keyboard skills are extremely important, and we were certainly not disappointed in this department – however, I’d have liked to have heard him have a go at “Golden Brown” and, from a picky point of view, “I Feel Like a Wog”. Mind you, with six solid formative era albums to choose from, I am sure they will fill in any gaps as time goes on.

DSC_2713AThe optimistic response from the crowd, and the crowing for encores, bodes well for this brand new tribute.

DSC_2652I am curious to see how The Dead Ringers will develop and polish their homage to this iconic band.

The Dead Ringers lineup is:

Nick Moon – Vocals & Guitar

Geoff Green – Keyboards

Geoff Hayward – Bass & Vocals

Scott White – Drums

You can contact The Dead Ringers on facebook and twitter.


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