Album review: Lightning Bolt – Fantasy Empire

Part one of Noise Wars featured Slaves, and since then I’ve been wondering when something would come along to rival their feistiness!

Lightning Bolt

Today, I think I’ve stumbled across a suitable contender, going by the name of underground rock band Lightning Bolt.

These guys aren’t new to the scene, having been around for 20 or so years. However, after a bit of a recording break they have just released their first album in five years, Fantasy Empire, and are about to embark on a long US tour before (hopefully for us!) venturing to Europe.

Lightning Bolt 1

From the furious pummelling of the drums to the distorted, virtually incomprehensible vocals, this is cathartic noise and there’s no disputing it! There’s no horrible editing or processing with this band – it almost feels like I’m listening to them live, with the unbridled rawness vigorously transmitting through to the very core.

Lightning Bolt 2

I suggest you have a listen…

You can keep up to date with Lightning Bolt via their website or Thrill Jockey Records.


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