Album review: Slaves – Are You Satisfied?

It feels like ages since a properly noisy new band has emerged onto the music scene, doesn’t it?

Well, I think we’ve got one in Kent duo Slaves. Together since 2012, it’s only recently that they’ve really started to become well known – I imagine that signing with Virgin EMI has helped that process somewhat!

Slaves 2I first heard them when BBC 6 music played their single “The Hunter”, and was immediately hooked. They’re loud, kind of brash, have a wicked sense of humour, and most of all are having a damn good time!

SlavesAs if to prove my point, today they revealed the video for their next single, “Feed the Mantaray”, from their forthcoming album “Are You Satisfied?“. It’s the perfect song for the first edition of Noise Wars! Here it is, ready and waiting for you to watch and listen…!

Disclaimer: no mantaray or other sea creatures were injured as part of this video (I assume!).

Slaves 1

You can contact Slaves on Twitter or Facebook and order their music here!

If anyone has any suggestions for part two of Noise Wars, feel free to give me the heads up on Twitter!


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