New Music Releases w/c 2nd Feb 2015


January was pretty damn fantastic for music. Let’s see if February can improve on that, or at least keep the momentum going… here are this week’s new music releases for your listening and purchasing pleasure:

I sometimes find myself drawn to incredibly experimental music and vocals, and the music of Matana Roberts certainly encompasses both of those. She’s an innovative, award winning free jazz musician who continuously explores the depths of her mind to produce multi instrumental, intensely layered musical stories of past astrocities such as slavery, and the strength and courage of those people. Her music is compelling and remarkable, yet admittedly a very acquired taste. It’s something you must experience for yourself.

You can pre-order Matana Roberts’ new album “Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee” now.

Regular readers will already have an inkling that I’m quite into music with a psychedelic style. Whilst not traditional psychedelia (whatever that is!), Breakfast in Fur have traces of it, which coupled with indie folkpop sounds rather lovely. There’s also a sweet, endearing innocence within their music. I could very easily spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon listening to their new album “Flyaway Garden”. Listen for yourself…

You can grab the album for yourself here!

If it’s punchy, inyerface, everso slightly blues rock music you’re after, then look no further than Two Gallants and their fifth album “We are Undone”. I think the only thing I’m not entirely convinced about is some of the vocals – I find them to be a tad querulous in places, which is a shame as their music is pretty strong. However, they then hit you with a song like “Incidental” and it’s all better again! Check ’em out!

The album is for sale in all the usual places!

H Hawkline describes his own music as “strange pop”. I suppose it is quirky, but pop? I’m not sure about that. I think I’d say “zany indiepop”, perhaps! Anyway, who cares? Labels schmabels. He’s got a lovely, naturally fearless way of delivering music. It’s imaginative, slightly disjointed, and intelligent. I like it – a lot. Here’s “Moons in My Mirror” from his upcoming album “In the Pink of Condition”:

You can purchase the album right here, right now!

Last up this week is from the band whose song “Waves” I chose as my Song of the Week. From Manchester four piece Shinies, the album “Nothing Like Something Happens Anywere” (don’t you just love that title?!) is due out imminently, and it’s a beautiful thing that you need in your life. Their music has a certain fragility, whilst also being bold and strong. It’s like dark and light at the same time.

Pre-order the album here.

Other new releases this week:

All We Are – All We Are

Mount Eerie – Sauna

Indiana – No Romeo

Butch Walker – Afraid of Ghosts

Murder By Death – Big Dark Love

Art of Noise – At the End of a Century

John Carpenter – Lost Themes

Michna – Thousand Thursday

Title Fight – Hyperview

Big Noble – First Light

Hiss Golden Messenger – Southern Grammar (EP)

Sun Hotel – Rational Expectations

Hannah Sanders – Charms Against Sorrow

Bonafide – Denim Devils

Joey Bada$$ – B4.Da.$$

Say Lou Lou – Lucid Dreaming

Victor Villarreal – Sleep Talk

Nite Fields – Depersonalisation

John Tejada – Signs Under Test

California X – Nights in the Dark



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