New Releases w/c 12th January 2015


There’s something for everyone within next week’s new releases – have a listen, and if you like it please buy it! Enjoy!

Liam Hayes (AKA Plush) will release his first album in five years. Entitled “Slurrup”, you can pre-order on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp and via the official website. His track “One Way Out” was recently premiered by Uncut magazine, who were incredibly complimentary about this accomplished musician. There’s not a lot I can say that they haven’t already said! Have a listen here…

Follow Liam on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. He’s hopefully due to tour soon, so keep your eyes peeled for info.

French death metal band 6:33 are releasing an album that I can only describe as bizarre. “Deadly Scenes” is creepy, quirky, sometimes beautiful and occasionally downright weird, not least in its mix of genres. It’s an absolute mind bender of an album. You’re going to love it. It’s available to pre-order on Amazon and Bandcamp.

You can contact the band’s label, Kaotoxin, via Twitter and Facebook, and follow them on Soundcloud.

“Panda Bear Meets Grim Reaper” is the new album from Noah Lennox of Animal Collective, AKA Panda Bear. Experimental, fun and with injections of experience, modernised melodies and clever techniques, this is a superb comeback for this critically acclaimed artist. Even his website is fun!

Buy the album now on iTunes or Amazon.

If you want synths, beats that race against one another, experimental jazz, calm, atmospheric moments to oppose the frenzied ones, and an inability to pin a band down to one genre, then Archive, with their new album “Restriction”, are for you.

Grab the album now via the band’s website, iTunes or Amazon. Contact can be made on Twitter and Facebook, and you can listen to more of their music on Soundcloud.

Still want more?! That’s good, because I have two more new releases to bring to you!

Critically acclaimed alt-country musician Justin Townes Earle is due to release the second part of what was originally to be a double album, where each half took on its own identity so was released separately. Absent Fathers is the follow up to Single Mothers, which was released in 2014. It’s available to pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes. Follow Earle on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. This is by no means what I’d call a groundbreaking album, but it’s good old fashioned, honest, does what it says on the case, country music, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Lastly for today, I give to you a new EP from a man I first heard of when I stumbled upon his cover of Bike by Pink Floyd. I’m usually not keen on people messing with songs by one of my favourite bands, but made an exception in this case as it was brilliantly mad! I’ve been interested in his work ever since. Ty Segall’s new EP, Mr Face, is due for release on 13th January. At only £1.79 for four songs on iTunes or Bandcamp, you can’t really go wrong with this little beauty! I’m in danger of babbling on about this, so will just let you listen…

Contact Ty Segall on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks again for listening, folks, and I hope you come back for more new music next week! Goodbye, and goodnight!


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