Dots Jukebox: “Fruit” 29th November 2014



Artist Song Suggested by
Prince Raspberry Beret @sparkes74 @antmeals @staffs77 @theboywilliams
The Monkees Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears @darrenmjones
The Cranberries Pretty @kitchandbot @grantsales
The Black Crowes Blackberry @chasethegroove
Ryan Adams Strawberry Wine @lsherrington1 @recrwplay
The Beat Ackee 1 2 3 @bluebeatbadger
Boomtown Rats Banana Republic @_mm1965
The Orchids Peaches @rich_w27
Keith Caputo Razzberry Mockery @pyfbrown
The Wallflowers Josephine @sberrells
Pink Floyd Apples and Oranges @jamesoldham @durutti74
The Move Blackberry Way @mirandakitten @skylarkingmatt
Captain Beefheart Orange Claw Hammer @rickjleach
Al Stewart Small Fruit Song @mobilemole59
Milltown Brothers Apple Green @maffrj
The Stranglers Peaches @ladyofsonnets66 @weloveallthat
The Bee Gees Lemons Never Forget @brianjoebrain
The Aggrolites Banana @hertfordsoul
Snuff Bananas @hodge_nufc
Bright Eyes Bowl of Oranges @flintsghost
Nick Drake Fruit Tree @barnstudiosigns @contra_flow
Glass Candy Ripe Apples @naecompromise
Diana Coupland Underneath the Mango Tree @richardkhornsey
The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever @lindy_lou2 @instantkarma80
Paul Catling What is Fruit? @infolib_robin
Feeder Tangerine @southallio
Crowded House Pineapple Head @daveorv41 @rosbif65
Bibio The Apple and the Tooth @carldogwalker
Sonic Youth Sympathy for the Strawberry @lippykidmusic
R.E.M. Orange Crush @jason_dobson @annatheforager
Jay and The Techniques Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie @riverboatcapt
Lawrence Arabia Apple Pie Bed @vicaviber
The Runaways Cherry Bomb @damjef
Suzanne Vega My Favourite Plum @richard0x4a
The Electric Prunes The Great Banana Hoax @ageingraver
XTC Fruit Nut @jacobs_ladder71
Underworld Cherry Pie @indieover40
Lush Plums and Oranges @paulie9461
Bon Iver Bruised Orange @musicvstheworld
Slow Club Apples and Pairs @substandardnerd

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