Dotty View: Dukes of New York: “Wake Up” EP.

Dukes of New York is a three piece band, made up of childhood friends Will Hessey and Pip Bradbrook and an ex-guitar pupil of Will’s, Drew MacDonald. Despite the band name, they actually hail from Ipswich in the UK, and have spent many years as part of various bands, teaching and writing. They decided to pool their resources and later enlist Drew, turning them from an acoustic duo into a full band.


This band have been travelling the length and breadth of the country to play various festivals, and as a result of their hard work have enjoyed radio play both in the UK and across the Atlantic.

DoNY have also managed to make an appearance playing on an Electric Six track from their upcoming album, entitled “Karate Lips”.


The latest EP from DoNY, “Wake Up”, was released in July 2014 and is the first EP they’ve produced as a full band. Kicking off with “Wake Up the Make Up” with its almost country rock feel, this is a very catchy EP from the outset, and you’ll be tapping your feet as you listen!

Next up is the eloquent, rather cynical song of unrequited love, “José” which I can imagine the crowd singing along to – it’s quite anthemic in places.

The EP rounds off with “Ventura”, which is my personal favourite. It’s got a great melody, I love the bass riffs and the “Blame it On the Boogie” reference makes me smile. Give it a listen here:

If you like what you hear, check out Dukes of New York on their website and Bandcamp, and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy!


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