Dotty View: 1 in Five – “Hold On” EP.

The Brighton based four piece 1 in Five is a band that is previously known as trio Montrose Avenue. They’ve now returned after a two year break, and have exploded back onto the scene with a fresh and exciting new EP, “Hold On”, under their new name and with the addition of a bassist.

Hold On EP Cover

Imagine the vocals of Scott Weiland (of Stone Temple Pilots), the bluesy/psychedelic sounding organ of Rick Wakeman and the grungy style guitar riffs of bands such as Temple of the Dog all placed in the same songs, and you’d have a good idea of 1 in Five’s style.

This four track EP is strong, distinctive and original. Every song showcases each band member’s skills whilst simultaneously melding them together to make something bold, melodic, and full of awesome grunge style rock music with a modern twist – this music is like aural magnet for me.

Photo - Sitting (laughing)

My favourite song from the EP, “Lullaby” is indicative of everything I’ve already described – it’s already racking up the listening figures on my music player!

I’m going to shut up now and just let you listen to the music, because that’s what it’s all about. I will be watching 1 in Five with keen interest, and I suggest you get on this particular bandwagon!

Check the band out on their website , connect with them on Twitter and have a listen to more of their songs on Soundcloud .


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