Dotty View: Wullae Wright – “Superhero” single

Glaswegian musician Wullae Wright has been working virtually non-stop for the past couple of years. From the release of his debut single, “Vixen”, in November 2012 to the unveiling of his album, “The Orange Line”, in August of last year. Wullae is incredibly visible to the public (at least in the world of the internet), bringing his music to the masses in his own way – he’s relentless, in the best possible way. I love that he works so hard for what he believes in. On top of all that, he’s a dedicated family man who has had his fair share of personal troubles which could easily have stopped him in his tracks.

wullae wright 2

Instead of simply giving up, he’s on the verge of releasing a song that is very close to his heart, entitled “Superhero”. Written in 1999-2000 following the loss of two of his grandparents to cancer, he made the decision to include it in his album and now to release it as a single. In honour of his Granny who has had successful treatment at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow, 100% of all sales from this single (released on 7th July 2014) will be donated to the Beatson Cancer Charity.

This isn’t just any single release, though. It features no less than seven different versions of “Superhero”, some live, some remixed. In addition, there are a further eight songs included in the excellent value price of £2.50! Wright sure doesn’t do things by halves!

When listening to the song, I’m struck by its intensity, lyrically, vocally and musically. Crashing cymbals, beautiful strings, gentle guitars, and desperate, seeking vocals singing the words that perfectly convey the writer’s need to understand, and to not feel like his world is falling down around him. We’ve all been in this place, where we feel so isolated and simply don’t know where to turn. We just want everything bad to disappear and for it all to be ok again. It’s the realisation that it won’t be completely ok again that hurts the most, and that causes the most fear. That’s what Wullae was going through, and he’s bravely sharing it with us through this song – so, actually, we aren’t alone at all.

wullae wright 1

Contributors to the single: Macaroni Penguin record label, Ambrose Chappel, Indigo Outlaw, Belly Full of Stars and Stuart Carroll provided remixes and live tracks, and Lee Fereday who produced the artwork.

If you like this song, check out his 2013 album “The Orange Line” on bandcamp and follow Wullae Wright on Twitter and Soundcloud.


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