Dotty View: The Breathing Room

You’re a musician who has tried to find a break as a member of various bands throughout the years, and it’s just not happening. So, what do you do? You brave the world of music all on your own, of course! I have the utmost respect for anyone who has the impetus to explore their own style, be inspired by their personal influences and to produce songs that reflect their character, talent and desire to succeed.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Breathing Room, AKA Mike Fullarton. This young man from Dundee is doing exactly what I’ve described above. He’s picked up his guitar, honed his vocals, experimented with different sounds and effects, and started writing his own music independently from home.


Fullarton describes his style as Americana/Indie-Folk, and although I’m largely inclined to agree, he has also included some intriguing twists within some of his songs. “Just a Taste” has a didgeridoo, for example! Placed together with a drum beat you could march to and country-ish guitar, this is a really fun little tune. I can imagine being at a festival on a sunny day listening and dancing to this.

Another song I particularly adore from The Breathing Room’s repertoire is “From In I Look Out” – it’s a lovely, jaunty, upbeat tune. There’s a ukelele involved (I think – it may be a banjo! Do excuse my ignorance!), and also a flute – Fullarton certainly has a variety of skills, and also has the ability to put a song together in a really pleasing way.

I’m hoping to see an official release from The Breathing Room at some point soon. Watch this space, and these ones…!





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