Dots Jukebox: “Crime” 26 April 2014



Artist Song Suggested by
10CC Rubber Bullets @n1ckbab3r
Supertramp Crime of the Century @brianwrose @lennybun
Kingmaker Sequinned Thug @indieover40
Guns n’ Roses Perfect Crime @jykkala @1infivehq
Fugazi Great Cop @annatheforager @hodge_nufc
Carter USM Crimestoppers a Go Go @thelastpenmon
Primal Scream Jailbird @laurasalts5
Pulp Joyriders @hertfordsoul
Supergrass Caught By the Fuzz @jobucko @contra_flow @mattowlgale
Dead Kennedys I Fought the Law @sparkypatrick @southallio
The Clash Bankrobber @danthompson78 @djfroggle @westburtonlad @dronhilltweets
Jane’s Addiction Been Caught Stealing @vicaviber @instantkarma80 @bomaya @steve8x8
Beastie Boys Car Thief @flintsghost @damjef
Phantogram Running From the Cops @dumptee_humptee
Crystal Castles Crimewave @substandardnerd @big_g_aroo
New Order Thieves Like Us @ceremony38 @weloveallthat
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal @srathem
Ronny Jordan The Jackal @lalostuff
Dr. Feelgood Riot in Cell Block No.9 @carldogwalker
John Lee Hooker Bad Like Jesse James @chasethegroove
Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues @skylarkingmatt
Bob Marley I Shot the Sheriff @trish_savine
Elvis Costello Watching the Detectives @jeremy_2566
Billy Bragg & Wilco Against the Law @rickjleach
The Smiths Shoplifters of the World Unite @stamfordcowboy @tomsw1
The Men They Couldn’t Hang Smugglers @rich_w27
The Decemberists The Perfect Crime @mrjohnmacleod
Stealing Sheep Shut Eye @richard0x4a
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Stolen @infolib_robin
The Felice Brothers Hey Hey Revolver @noelmullin




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