Dots Recommends: Keeva, Tonight We Live & Fashion Week

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Dots Recommends, where I bring to your attention three new bands or artists on the scene for your delectation! I hope you enjoy today’s offerings…

First up is British singer/songwriter Keeva. She’s just released her third EP, “Half of You”, and I bring you the title track from that EP.

If you like acoustic music with a bit of a country/folk twist, then you’ll like this. Keeva has a lovely, sweet (but not sickly sweet), vocal range. She has an obvious close musical connection to the band she works with – a necessity, I think! Keeva was featured at the end of March on the BBC Introducing in the West playlist – it’s great to see her name is getting recognised! Definitely one to watch, I reckon.





I’m upping the tempo a bit now, with Kildare band Tonight We Live – their new single “We Called This Home” is out now on iTunes, and it’s a great little tune! Six seconds in, the catchy drum beat caught me – the vocals are more of a pop style, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they somehow fit really nicely with the drums and guitar. I’ve had a listen to the other songs on Tonight We Live’s Soundcloud, and they’ve got a definite style. If you’re into 30 Seconds to Mars and other bands of that ilk, I think you’ll like these guys!



Last but not least for today, I bring you Fashion Week. They sort of remind me of a cross between Cast, The Beatles, and Grandaddy. Sometimes, I fall for music quite hard, and I’ve fallen for this band after just one listen of their songs! I’ll definitely be buying their second EP, “The Future is Amazing”, which is due for release on April 28th. For now, though, here’s a taster in the form of my favourite track from the EP, “Footsteps in the Hall”. It’s quite Bluesy, and I like that. A lot. Get on it!






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