Dots Recommends: Wiveton Downs, Polar Maps & The Everglows

Good morning to you on this misty Music Monday! It’s that time again when I bring to you three new bands/artists for your delectation! A brief insight into their music gives you the opportunity to have a quick listen, and if you like it, I’ll give you ways to find more music by the same artists.

I’m easing you into Monday gently today with Wiveton Downs, an indie/acoustic artist all the way from Los Angeles! He’s witty and fun (follow him on twitter!) – oh, and he sings very lovely songs! So far, he’s only shared two of his songs for public consumption, but I’m sure (I hope…) there will be lots more to come! Here’s “Swink” – I hope you enjoy it!





Wiveton Downs
My second recommendation for today goes to the Isle of Wight’s Polar Maps, whose debut single “Stay Here With Me” was released earlier this month. They’ve got a very pleasing sound – clear, eloquent vocals, a neat and tidy drum beat, and lovely lilting, almost country style in places, guitar. I’m interested to hear what else this band have up their sleeve!





Polar Maps
If it’s catchy, 60s influenced tunes you’re after today, then look no further than Essex based band The Everglows! They’ve got a single out, “That Other Girl”, but I’m choosing to share with you another track which I actually prefer, because that’s just the way I am! This is called “Emily’s Dreaming”, and is a delightful psychedelic indie pop tune! I really like the dreamy, echoey vocal, and feel it is matched strongly with the melodic guitars and crashing cymbals. There are lots of layers to this song, and I like that. I like that a lot.





The Everglows
Thanks for listening today – I hope you enjoyed what you heard! Until next time, then!


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