Album review: Vows – Winter’s Grave

So, you’re a fan of The National. “Sea of Love” is one of your favourite songs of theirs, and their album “Trouble Will Find Me” was on repeat for at least a week post release. You went to see them on their last UK tour, and I bet you’ve got tickets to see them at Hyde Park in the Summer! If so, I don’t mind admitting I’m envious!

Well, as a somewhat natural progression, I now wish to introduce you to Vows. I think you’ll like them a lot! Shoegaze, indie, dream pop is their thing, and they do it really, really well.

This is a band that self records and self releases, but without compromising on the quality of sound or customer satisfaction. It’s an organic process for them, and they appear to be thriving under the formula they’ve put together.


Their first album, “Winter’s Grave”, achieved critical acclaim from blogs such as NPR – All Songs Considered and various other music blogs around the world. They now have a new double A-side single, “Ride This Out/Dream Boat”, which is available for free on Bandcamp, but you can have a listen here before clicking that button!



I reckon that after listening to this, you’ll be parting with your hard earned money for the promised upcoming second album. Personally, I’ll be doing just that!


You can communicate with Vows here:



…and you can listen to/buy their music here:





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