Dots Recommends: Tingle in the Netherlands, Little Mono & The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco

Monday has yet again arrived, and I’m here to make it a more pleasant day with my three musical recommendations for the week!

First up are Tingle in the Netherlands. Based in Manchester, this is an electro, synthpop collaboration of poet Helên Thomas and electronic musician Owen J.


They’re most definitely off the beaten track – they’re pushing boundaries, experimenting with techniques and freaking people out in the process – not necessarily in a bad way! I really like the ghostly robot feel of “Gabdnah S’etutitsôrp” from the latest EP, “Mirror Writing” – it’s atmospheric, dark and strangely melodic. Give it a listen here:





My second recommendation for this bright Monday morning are Little Mono.

Little Mono

They sell themselves as “Art Rock” – I’m not quite sure what that is, but if it means Punk/Indie Rock, then I like Art Rock. This is no nonsense music – they just get on with it, no messing. I like that. A lot. I’m looking forward to their debut album, “Sailing Songs Vol. 1” which will hopefully be released this Spring. For now, though, I give you “Special Song”… Enjoy!






Last, but by no means least, 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco have appeared on my radar!

1957 TFF

They are a bit of a treat – eloquent, ’60s style, pop/rock/jazz songs with great harmonies and lovely musical interludes. Utterly delightful! Their EP, “Cruise Control” was released in October 2013, and I love it, but I’m going back slightly further, as my favourite of theirs is the single “Jackie & Norm & the Hairdresser To the Star”. It’s got a brilliant, enticing, catchy lyric, part of which is “I’d never steal from E.L.O. but I would wash their hair”! I implore you to give it 3 minutes & 9 seconds of your attention, right now…!






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