Dotty View: Ghost Station

Ghost Station, AKA Matt Phillips, is a one man band from Chelmsford. He compares himself to Seasick Steve, except without the beard, minus the Blues, and with a strong Essex accent. So, not much like him at all, really!


He’s released his debut EP, “Head for the Sun”, and is trying to get it listened to by whoever will take their time to lend their ears to his songs for a while.

You can easily tell where Phillips gets his inspiration – he’s clearly into acoustic indie music. I am, too, but unfortunately I’m struggling to get into this offering from Ghost Station. The four tracks on the EP are quite similar to each other, the effects on Coming Home do little other than to slightly irritate me, and I’m afraid the title track is, although by far the strongest song on the EP, rather forgettable.


I can see where he’s trying to go with this. However, there’s nothing here I’ve not heard before. I’m willing each song to go somewhere, to rise up a little, to burst into something great, but it doesn’t quite get there. Not this time around. Let’s have some of that oomph on the next go, eh…!

Hey, it’s not all negativity from me – the video for “Head for the Sun” is pretty cool. A nice idea, and I rather enjoy the home made video look, and the fact he’s filmed in his local area – it shows he’s in touch with his roots, and that’s a good thing.

As always, please judge for yourself, and listen to Ghost Station… all I do is form my own opinions and tell them to you!




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