Dotty View: Puppet Rebellion – “No Means Yes” EP

Since they burst onto the Manchester indie scene in 2013, Puppet Rebellion have accumulated fans like nobody’s business. They’ve just got this natural something or other that makes people love them. It’s not something you can learn, I don’t think. They’ve just got it in their blood. It takes bands years and years to get to anywhere near approaching this stage, doesn’t it?


Maybe it’s singer Simon Monaghan’s ability to transmit moods through his lyrics; it might be the tight, no nonsense guitars of Craig Gibson and Paul Trochowski; it could be the relentless energy of Chris Carcamo’s drumming; or, just possibly, the fluid, rich bass of James Halliwell. Whatever it is, something about this band creates something of a vacuum that sucks you in.

“No Means Yes” is the second EP from Puppet Rebellion to be released within the space of 6 months, the first being “Chemical Friends” in July 2013.

My nomination for stand out track is “Cupboards Painted Red”. It resonates deeply – it backs off at intervals, then drives back in with a power and anthemic style that any indie band would be proud of. Damn, it’s really bloody good.

One of the other things I love about this EP is the final track, a remix of “Chemical Friends”. The remix was done by competition winner Cai Caslavinieri. It’s absolutely wicked. It’s quite Placebo-like in style. It does the track complete justice.

I can’t even imagine how much stronger, more together, Puppet Rebellion can get. All I know is, you’re by no means late to this party if you’re only just hearing about this band now, but I think you should follow my advice and get on this bandwagon immediately.






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