Dots Jukebox: Computers 7 Mar 14


Artist Song Suggested by
Rush Vital Signs @peterminihane
Duran Duran Blame the Machines @musicvstheworld
Ladytron Commodore Rock @fepnoid
Kraftwerk Computer Love @thisiscranebags @contra_flow @sparkypatrick @substandardnerd @skylarkingmatt
Jackson & His Computer Band Utopia @grantsales
Darkstar Aidy’s Girl’s a Computer @sadpad21
Daft Punk Digital Love @kid76a @guylongworth @thezanussi
Yellow Magic Orchestra Computer Games @iancpeacock @dukesofnewyork
VV Brown The Apple @damjef
Jean Michel Jarre Computer Weekend @n1ckbab3r
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1 @makesleekkills @lippykidmusic
The Buggles I Love You (Miss Robot) @boxofpeppers
Suburban Lawns Computer Date @chasethegroove
Calling All the Heroes It Bites @laugharne71 @big_g_aroo
Hal 9000 Daisy @speedofsounduk @arihat_
Add N to (X) Plug Me In @woodmanstone
Phil Oakey Electric Dreams @trish_savine @southallio
Lana Del Rey Video Games @musicvstheworld
Kate Bush Deeper Understanding @now_playing_72 @keithj_gmb
Tubeway Army Are Friends Electric? @sparky_hornsby
Cameo Word Up @maffrj
Ben Folds Rockin’ the Suburbs @danthompson78
Madder Rose Panic On @richard0x4a
Deftones Be Quiet and Drive @lennybun
Elastica Connection @lycan33
The Primitives Crash @seismicshed
Modest Mouse Float On @rich_w27 @daveorv41
Sufjan Stevens Dear Mr Supercomputer @musicvstheworld
Jim Noir Computer Song @katie_zoid
Grandaddy I’m On Standby @mattowlgale


Song of the Week:


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