Dotty View: ArtClassSink

Four piece Oxford band ArtClassSink released their début EP, entitled “ILLA”, in December 2013, via NewLevel Recordings. For a first release, this is a truly exceptional EP. It’s strong, accomplished and ready for the delicate ears of the judgemental, fussy masses. ArtClassSink hit the spot with dark, introspective lyrics, atmospheric, haunting echoes of music, and an artistic take on an interesting variety of genres.


Even the way this band’s name was decided upon was an alternative experience – the singer, Joe, had a recurring dream, in which he saw an artist working on his painting. On clearing away, it was evident that the wasted paint in the sink was creating an effect more striking than the actual art the painter had produced. ArtClassSink were born.

The lead track, “She”, is the strongest song on the EP in my opinion. ArtClassSink say they’re an alternative/shoegaze band, and this song proves exactly that from the very beginning. A wickedly reverberating drum beat, a superbly catchy bass riff, perfectly levelled, almost ethereal, guitar and intense, resonant vocals make this an absolute joy to listen to.



The remainder of the EP follows in a similarly strong vein, with the brooding yet upbeat “Time to Go (Before the Rivalry)”, the incredibly subdued, psychedelic feel of “Cry For Help” and the rousing, more traditionally indie “Someone to Try For” providing an overview of the capabilities of ArtClassSink. I am far from disappointed, and feel like they’ve barely scratched the surface with what they’ve got to offer.



As far as gigs go, this virtually unknown (as yet!) band have been seen supporting We Are Augustines and Temples amongst others, as well as being the headline act at well known venues such as The Garage in London. I bet they’d be an awesome band to listen to live, and I find it hard to imagine anyone being disappointed.

Personally, I think this band have got a future most bands would give their right arms for. Ones to watch, for sure.



Upcoming shows:

O2 Academy, Oxford on March 22nd 2014

The Cellar, Oxford on March 29th 2014 (with Phantom Runners, Rex Domino and Balloon Ascents)


ArtClassSink are:

Joe Biggs (Vocals, Guitar)

Samuel Edwards (Vocals, Bass)

Eliott Benoist (Guitar)

and Jack Pilston (Drums)


ArtClassSink on Soundcloud





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