Dots Recommends: Cross Wires, Darwin and the Dinosaur, Lazy Lee.

It’s Monday morning, you need new music, and fast. Well, here you have it… three awesome upcoming bands for you to wrap your ears around!

First up is Cross Wires. With post punk sounds, talent and attitude in droves, I absolutely love ’em. Here’s my favourite track from their latest EP, “Assembly” – have a listen to “Acid Bath”:

Cross Wires on Facebook

Cross Wires Tweet!

cross wires

Next on my “must listen” list is alternative rock/punk band Darwin and the Dinosaur. Their new EP “Remus” is released on 7th March, and you can listen to track one, “I Say Goodbye” right here!

Darwin and the Dinosaur on Facebook

Tweets from Darwin and the Dinosaur


Last, but by no means least, I bring to you Canadian Electro-pop band Lazy Lee. I really like the synth effects, the quirky beats and the vocal harmonies of “One More Night” from their album “Electromagnetic Circus”:

Lazy Lee on Twitter

Facebook page for Lazy Lee

lazy lee


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